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Month: July 2012

My Five Favorite Features Of Mountain Lion

Posted in Apple Inc, and Mac

I absolutely couldn’t wait for this cat to be let out of the bag. The sheer simplicity of using this operating system is realized the moment your screen reader is activated and you start to explore. There are hundreds of new features, updates and interface changes to make a geek like myself just explode with screen readers delight. Join me as I walk through my five favorite features of Mountain Lion.

It’s Time To Expand Your Horizons

Posted in Mac

Have you ever been sitting at your computer typing an email or working on a project that you just need to get finished, and thought to yourself, if only there was some kind of an application that could help me to get this done a little faster? Well fear not, because I have recently been made aware of such a piece of software for the Mac that helps with this.

Voicing My Opinion On Blind Photography

Posted in Apple Inc

How can you take a picture if you are blind? How do you know what you are aiming at? Does the phones camera tell you what you are shooting? All of these questions come up when a totally blind person is taking pictures. I recently fell in love with an app that not only takes pictures, but it solves one of my problems with taking pictures and labeling them correctly.

Look Ma, No Typing!

Posted in iOS

When you think of texting, filling in other text fields, or composing emails on your iPhone, does anything come to mind?

There I was back in October with my brand new, first day it came out, 64 GB white iPhone 4S. All those terrific features they talked about, and I was holding them in my hand! I began to explore, and it didn’t take me long to figure out my absolute favorite one.

Has Anyone Seen The Tape?

Posted in Apple Inc

The tape is missing! I cant find it anywhere! I know its right in front of me but I just cant locate it. Makayla! Come help your mom find the tape! Why am I desperately looking for the tape in the first place? Well, the reason is that my husband Scott and I just bought our very first house which means we have to pack the house up and tape up the boxes. You would think that this would be an easy task and for the most part it is but when your blind, it makes packing and moving just a bit more difficult, at least for me it is.
I’ve been moving since I was a teenager and you would think that it would get easier the more you do it but as my vision became worse, the harder it became for me to move across country or across the street without having some type of melt down, so this time I decided that I would try to be more organized and attempt to have some type of plan to make the three-tenths of a mile move go smoothly. I had plenty of boxes, plenty of newspaper and plenty of tape. I started with the dining room and within an hour I had packed up several boxes and I was very pleased with myself. I had even printed off labels to put on the boxes so that the people who would be helping us move would know where to put everything. My organizational plan was working and I was pleased with myself and what was even better was that I hadn’t had a melt down yet.

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