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Month: September 2012

Hey You, Get Off My Cloud!

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No, this is not a blog post about The Rolling Stones classic, or for those of us that grew up in the 1980’s the Billy Ocean hit either. This is a blog post about all of those cloud based services that you hear about these days. In this post I will talk about two cloud offerings from Apple and why you may want to use them. So, sit back and launch your Pandora application on your iPhone and listen to your Rolling Stones station, or if you must you can launch that favorite Eighties channel and listen for that Billy Ocean classic that I was talking about before.

Wiz Bang Great Job! Apple!!!

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When it comes to generating loads of excitement in the area of assistive technology and technology in general, know one does it better than Apple Inc. You have people not just standing in long lines waiting, but you have people staying up all times of the night to pre-order and camped out of Apples’ doors for a week at a time to get the latest and greatest offering from Apple. In this months case its the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

To Touch Or Standard Type, That Is The Question…

Posted in iOS

Remember when the iPhone first became accessible? Wherever there was an edit field, once activated, a keyboard would magically appear. There was only one way to type characters into that field, a method referred to as standard typing. Now there is another choice, touch typing, These methods are available not only on the iPhone, but the iPod touch and iPad as well. But which is faster, better, easier?

What’s New In Accessibility In iOS 6

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

taken directly from:
Submitted by Scott Davert on 19 September 2012

As with the previous release of a major iOS upgrade (from version 4 to
5), there are many enhancements to iOS 6 not directly related to
accessibility. In this release, they include FaceTime over cellular
networks, a redesigned App Store, a revamped settings menu, direct
Facebook integration, a do not disturb feature—among many others.
Please see the link at the end of this article for a list from Apple
about changes not directly related to accessibility. To list and
discuss all new features which do not pertain to accessibility is
beyond the scope of this article. Rather, this is to specifically
focus on changes with respect to the different options available from
an accessibility standpoint.

Teach Me to Color outside the Lines

Posted in Apple Inc

On October 4, 2012, my husband and I, along with the rest of our team from Fedora Outlier, LLC will be giving a presentation in Macon, Georgia at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. Our presentation is based on the outline of skills provided in the Expanded Core Curriculum for individuals that teach the blind and visually impaired. Inquisitive minds want to know, how can the Expanded Core Curriculum help my blind or visually impaired child?

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