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Month: March 2013

I Sure Wish I Knew Who I Was Talking To!

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One of the most frustrating, potentially embarrassing, definitely humiliating Experiences I have had Are the situations where I don’t know who in the world the person is with whom I’m having a conversation. I’d like to call them by name, but don’t have a clue Who they are, and for a million dollars, can’t recall. I keep hoping a little birdie will fly out to me and whisper who the other person is in my ear.

Mr. Accessibility With Bad Eyes

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Yup, he is a friend that I’ve never met in person but he and I talk at least once a week about web design, guy stuff and the occasional client that bugs him and he doesn’t hesitate to let me know I’m one of those buggers. … Geof is a great member of the Fedora team and even though he is far away for years he has proven to be reliable, relentless in accessibility and a really good friend. 99% of the work done by Fedora Outlier LLC is done by a blind professional and I’m honored to have Mr.

Blind Prairie Girl

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One of my favorite television shows to watch as an adolescent was Little House on the Prairie. The hour long drama followed the adventures of the Ingalls family and was based upon the Little House book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Every week I tuned in to see what would happen next with the Ingalls family. The other reason I enjoyed the show so much was that I could, for the first time, identify with a character that was losing her vision.

Looking For A New Adventure?

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Well, if you are looking for a new adventure, I’ve got one for you. I have never traveled by Amtrak, but after reading Vashaun’s description of the experience, I think I am ready. Vashaun Jones, President of Fedora Outlier, LLC posted this on the website of the Center for the Visually Impaired of Georgia, Atlanta, Ga on March 6, 2013. I’ve traveled on a train before, but it was the Nancy Hanks that traveled between the Georgia Cities of Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah. It was a delightful ride and very relaxing; however, that experience was back in the late 1960’s. That train, unfortunately, was suspended back in the 1970’s. I for one, would definitely use that mode of travel on my many excursions to the Capital in Atlanta, Ga, or visits to my friends and family in Savannah, GA. Well, back to Amtrak, this certainly has gotten me to thinking about a much needed vacation….hmmmm…where shall I travel to is the only question that remains. Enjoy Vashaun’s description of the many eminities of traveling by train. He paints a very vivid picture to get you thinking about a trip to parts unknown. Sit back, close your eyes, and take a ride with him.

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