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Month: May 2013

#FF: Follow Friday with Rick Harmon and @BlindGeekZone

Posted in Delivering Access

Wow, can you believe it’s Friday again? With a four-day week, the time has just flown by, and here we are with another Follow Friday pick featuring a very good friend of the Fedora Outlier team.

Rick Harmon is one of Ohio’s “geekiest” guys—and I imagine he’s gunning for the title nationwide. He’s an impeccable trainer, tech enthusiast and runs the Blind Geek Zone, a blog and website filled with tons of tech-related resources for the blindness community.

I took a few minutes to talk with Rick this week to learn exactly how he’s “geeking out” on Twitter, and learn a few reasons why you should give @BlindGeekZone a follow.

Adding A City To The Weather App

Posted in Apple Inc

The iPhone comes already loaded with a great weather app. Not only can you set it up to check your local weather each day, you can select the cities where family and friends live, to find out the weather in their locations. What if you are going to visit one of them?Won’t you want to know the weather for the next few days? The app will show you the weather for the next five days, in any city you pick.

Introducing the Fedora Outlier Switching To A Mac Series

Posted in Apple Inc, and Mac

As the title of this post says this is a brand new series brought to you by Team Members Scott Rumery and Damashe Thomas of Fedora Outlier, LLC. This new series of blog posts will go up on our blog every Tuesday and in this series we will be outlining some of the differences between a Windows computer and a Mac computer. Even if you are not interested in making the switch it is our hope that you will find some interesting information in these posts. Who knows, maybe we will be able to show you how to do something on your Windows computer that before reading that post you did not know how to do, or even better, perhaps after reading some of these posts you will discover that you are now interested in making the switch from a Windows computer to a Mac. So, please follow this new series with us and lets all of us have some fun getting to know our computer platform of choice.

Follow Friday: #FF with @TapTapSee and @CamFind

Posted in Delivering Access

Here we are again, another Friday morning on the Delivering Access blog, and of course that means we’re eager to share this week’s #FollowFriday pick with you.

Ready to find out who we are sharing with you this week? Since its release in October 2012, TapTapSee has received 19,000 downloads, and processes hundreds of thousands of images on a daily basis. TapTapSee (along with sister app, CamFind) has brought the ability to assist everyone in the blindness community in identifying various types of items and products that they would otherwise not be able to identify.

Personal Note: I’m an avid user of TapTapSee, and I was completely excited when I took my first picture earlier this year with this very simple to use app, (and to my surprise, it correctly identified my Mickey Mouse shaped telephone).

Please join me as I interview Dmitriy Konopatskiy with TapTapSee, and we learn a bit more about the application, the release of CamFind and why you should be getting all of their tweets over on Twitter.

How To Forward A Text Message

Posted in iOS

One of the things I love the best about my iPhone is that I can have conversations with family and friends without making a phone call. Text messaging is quick and easy, and sending iMessages is even better, since there is no charge for this type of messaging. Sometimes I get a message that I can’t resist passing along. Sometimes there is a message that I need to send to someone else, as it has information they need.

Forwarding a message is very easy to accomplish, and here is how you do it:

Wednesday Roundup For May 22

Posted in Apple Inc

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Roundup brought to you from the team at Fedora Outlier, LLC. Once again, we’ve got some very interesting and informative stories for you to read. What’s in this week’s issue? Well, as the team here at Fedora likes to say, “grab that cup of coffee or tea,” get comfy and take a look at what’s been going on lately.

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