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Month: June 2013

#FF: Follow Friday with Steve Sawczyn (@SteveOfMaine)

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Happy Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend? You are about to (or already have) punched the clock, and it’s time to have a little fun, so naturally, it’s time for another edition of Fedora’s, Follow Friday series.

This week, we will be talking with Steve Sawczyn of Assistive Technology Services of Maine (A T Maine). Over the years A T Maine has provided nation-wide training, consultation and support to individuals, government agencies and the private sector.

I picked Steve Sawczyn (@SteveOfMaine) of A T Maine to interview this week because, even though his company may be a small, Steve saw a need to provide assistive technology to the blindness community and others. Steve is also a very interesting person with a great deal of knowledge in the assistive technology field, so I know you’ll enjoy hearing from him.

You are probably asking yourself, “Why does Fedora Outlier follow AT Maine in the first place?” Good question!

At Fedora Outlier, it is our goal to provide top quality consulting, teaching and support for a wide range of mainstream and assistive technology. One of the services we offer is remote access teaching, which is a unique concept specific to assistive technology. Steve Sawczyn and Assistive Technology Services of Maine (A T Maine) provides this type of training, along with on-site training, as well.

Sit down and take a peek into the conversation I had with Steve about AT Maine, his background and how he’s using Twitter. Ready? Set? Go!

Heroes Needed: Our Delivering Access Podcast Launches Soon

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Over the past few years, access to information and resources has never been easier for people with disabilities. Mainstream and assistive technology have helped countless individuals access more, do more and be more.

But there’s something that often goes unnoticed as new tech and resources hit the market to help these folks—and it’s the heroes and heroines behind each advancement.

Some are entrepreneurs, others educators, while even more are engineers, innovators and creators. However, to each and every one here at Fedora Outlier, they’re extraordinary, and the Delivering Access podcast is theirs.

In July, we’ll be launching the first season of the Delivering Access podcast. It’s a deep dive with some of the brightest minds helping to redefine accessibility and usability for persons with disabilities.

You’ll join our host, VaShaun Jones, as he wraps on the what, how and why of their quest to revolutionize life for the blindness community and beyond. You’ll recognize many of our guests, as you use their products, services and resources every day, but we’ll give you behind-the-scenes access to how each came to be, and what you can expect to see from them in the future.

Are you ready for this? Get subscribed to the podcast by throwing in your podcatcher of choice, and hold tight for an iTunes link very soon. Even better: Do you have a hero or heroine in mind for us to highlight? Drop us a line at, or just send us a message using our contact form.

Stay tuned—we’ll be delivering access to you very soon!

You’ve Taken A Photo, But Who, Or What, Is In It?

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Every iPhone comes with a number of default applications, already loaded on and ready for use. And each one is Voice Over compatible. This includes the camera app. Believe it or not, you can take hundreds, even thousands, of pictures if you desire, but let’s not get carried away here. Let’s start with one, because unless you can go back into the photo viewer and know what the picture is of, then you might as well not even take a second one, since you probably don’t want to wait for someone sighted to tell you what is in the pictures. After all, won’t you want to pull out that photo of your beautiful teenage daughter and show her off, knowing you are displaying her picture and not the silly one you took of your dog?

Windows Explorer And The Mac Finder

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In this weeks post of the Switching to a Mac from Windows series I would like to show you all how the Windows Explorer and the Mac Finder are alike. When someone makes the switch from using a Windows computer to using a Mac they will undoubtedly find themselves getting confused by the Finder. It does not need to be this way and in this post I will show you how to work with your files and folders on both platforms.

For help with this post I have enlisted the help of one of my team members hear at Fedora Outlier DaMashe, who is a Windows expert and he has written up the following about Windows Explorer.

You’re Invited, Adding Invitees To A Calendar Event

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Spring is here, with graduation parties, picnics, or just a few friends you want to invite to a barbecue in the backyard. Perhaps you’ve scheduled a meeting and you want to send an invitation to those you would like to attend, as long as you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, it is easy to set up a calendar event and spread the word to anyone who also has an iOS device or a Mac.