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Month: July 2013

Wednesday Roundup For July 31, 2013

Posted in Apple Inc

Welcome to the Wednesday Roundup for July 31, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. There’s lots going on in the world of technology this week. Stories include technology that helps us get at the polls, technology preserving history, blindness research, technology for education, and even some entertainment news. So grab that beverage of choice and have a good read.


Setting Up Your Email On Windows And Mac

Posted in Mac

I don’t know about you but for me email is an important part of my daily computing life. Depending on what your email needs are you may not think that you need to know more than the opening and closing of messages, but before you can do this you must first be able to set up your email accounts on your platform of choice. That is what this weeks edition of The Switching To A Mac Series is about this week. Damashe will show you how to set up an account in Windows Mail, and I will do the same with Apple Mail on the Mac. So what do you say? Lets get started.

Delivering Access Podcast, Episode #2 with Aaron Linson

Posted in Apple Inc, and Podcasts

Watch out for this guy in a studio near you soon. Aaron is a blind audio engineer and has dreams of operating his own podcast network.

Currently he serves as the Director of Podcast Production & Sound Engineering for Fedora Outlier LLC and is in school to get his degree in audio engineering.

Lets take a walk with him as he describes how he became blind, his journey and the tools he’s using along the way .

Browsing The Internet On Windows And Macs

Posted in Mac

What program do you think that you use the most on your computer? If you are anything like my friend Damashe and myself the answer to this question is very easy. It is our web browser of coarse. In this weeks Switching To A Mac Series Damashe will explain some quick and effective ways of using keyboard shortcuts for getting around websites quickly, and I will do the same on the Mac platform. So sit back and get ready to learn how to use your web browser of choice more efficiently.