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Month: July 2013

Use Utilities in Safari On iOS For Free

Posted in iOS

I love heat when it’s cold outside, and air conditioning in the heat of the summer. I enjoy a nice long shower, or a relaxing bubble bath. But I sure don’t enjoy it when the utility bills come. In Safari on the iOS devices, utilities are free, and there are numerous ones, all very useful little tools. So c’mon along, and we’ll go on a Safari.

How To Uninstall Your Programs Whether You Are On Windows, Or A Mac

Posted in Apple Inc, and Mac

For anyone that is new to a computer platform whether it is Windows or Mac one of the basic things that they should know how to do is to install and uninstall programs. This is the subject of this weeks Switching To A Mac Series. Are you ready? Then lets get to it and learn how this is done on both platforms.

Wednesday Roundup For July 10, 2013

Posted in Apple Inc

Welcome to the Wednesday Roundup for July 10, 2013, brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. To those of you who celebrated the recent July 4th celebration, hope you had a safe and enjoyable one. We have searched the web and hope you enjoy the stories we are bringing to you this week. Topics in this Wednesday Roundup include science discoveries, technology updates, and personal stories of triumph over blindness. Take a few minutes away from your busy day, and enjoy some interesting content. Grab a cup of coffee, cup of tea, or other beverage of choice and let’s go to the “blind side”

The Windows And Mac Desktops

Posted in Mac

In this weeks edition of the Switching To A Mac Series Damashe and I will explain how to use your computer desktop no matter what platform you are on. As usual Damashe will give you a brief overview of the Windows side of things, and I will discuss the Mac side of things. I hope that you are all ready to get your computer desktop all organized and tidy, so lets get started.