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Month: November 2013

Wednesday Roundup For November 27, 2013

Posted in Apple Inc

Hey, back again? Welcome and thanks for reading the Wednesday Roundup for November 27, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. We found lots of things out on the web that may interest you. Items include stories about technology, new apps, and tips for those getting ready to find employment, articles about individuals in all walks of life who overcame challenges to become successful members of society, and even an item for you animal lovers out there. It’s getting cold out there, so grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa,(or whatever your favorite beverage for this time of year is), find a comfy spot, and settle in for some thought provoking and enlightening information from the wonderful world of the web.

Changing The Default Sounds On iOS

Posted in iOS

Do you like to have a different sound for various things on your iOS devices? Do you like a different sound when new mail comes in and when you send email? You might want to have a different sound when a calendar alert comes in than when a reminder does. Personally, I love having different sounds for all of the different things that can happen on my devices, especially different ring tones for each of the people in my life that call me the most.

Moxie Classic For iOs, An Old Hat App Review

Posted in Apple Inc

If you love word games as much as I do, and are looking for a fun yet challenging one, then Moxie Classic is for you. It’s a game you can begin while you’re waiting to see the dentist, or while on the bus, train, or ride to or from work, because you can start and leave, then when you come back in, you can resume right where you left off. Sound great, doesn’t it?

Follow Friday With Lee Huffman Of Access World

Posted in Delivering Access

Happy Friday Everyone. I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Are any of you planning to shop on Black Friday? Not me! I’ll be staying inside where it’s nice and warm catching up on some very necessary rest, relaxation, and reading. However, I am getting ahead of myself just a bit. Today is Friday, my favorite day of the week because it means that another edition of Fedora Outlier’s Follow Friday interview series is available for all to read.

Wednesday Roundup For November 13, 2013

Posted in Apple Inc

Hi there…welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Roundup for November 13, 2013 brought to you by Fedora Outlier, LLC. Today we are bringing you stories about technology, science research and discoveries, and human interest items that highlight individuals triumph over blindness. Find that favorite comfy spot after grabbing your favorite beverage and lets start surfing the wonderful world of the web.

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