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Meet Mr. Geof, with a “G” Accessibility Collis

We are back with another guest from the great white West or is that North?

I can never remember.

Never the less he is here with us and I appreciate him for being a long time friend and my personal web accessibility expert.

If you want a site done right, accessible and for the best price on the planet. You can look no further than

Bad Eyes Design and Consulting.

Jump in and meet Mr. Geof Collis.

iOS Master Series Virtual Launch Party Replay, Bonuses Included

We interrupt this normally scheduled post to bring you a replay of the virtual launch party for Fedora’s latest master series.

March 15th 2015 marked a special day for myself and the Fedora team.

One reason is because it was my 39th birthday and i celebrated it with fine individuals just like yourself.

Another being the Fedora Team released the iOS Master Series to the world.

Just in case you missed it you can get all the details, bonuses and special offers until April 3rd.

Thanks for being a fan of Fedora!

Empire State of Mind with Jim Meck

I always have said that those who believe they can change the world will and those that don’t won’t.

Simply an amazing interview of an amazing guy who really is changing the world.

Let me count the ways…

1. Through his music

2. Through his newly formed chapter of the NFB
3. Through story telling

Let’s dive right in and get some of the vocals, story and empowerment this guy is shelling out.

Fedora Outlier LLC Blazes a Trail in Assistive Technology Teaching for the Blind and Deaf-Blind with its iOS Master Series

March 8, 2015


Fedora Outlier LLC, a nationally recognized firm of all blind and low-vision team members, announces the iOS Master Series with Access Touch.

Fedora raises the bar for both the blind and deaf-blind with its signature Access Touch feature for the iOS Master Series. Produced for Fedora Outlier by iHabilitation Canada, Access Touch is an optional tactile enhancement to the
series that allows users to literally “get a feel” for their iPhone and iPad screens.
This gives users a better understanding of their devices and promotes faster learning than traditional methods of assistive technology teaching.

Hot on the heels of the Mac Master Series, Fedora is proud to release the iOS Master Series with Access Touch. “Never before has there been a 24-hour, all access, low cost way to learn how to use the full array of Apple devices until
now,” says VaShaun Jones, Managing Partner of Fedora Outlier LLC.

Scheduled for release at 7 pm on March 15th (VaShaun’s birthday!), this is the same best-in-class assistive technology teaching that subscribers to the Mac Master Series have come to love, now expanded and packaged for iOS users.

Damashe Thomas and Brie Rumery, the coaches inside the iOS Master Series, will coach each member from the basics on up to mastery.

Each member will have access to:

  • Weekly modules to walk through performing a task on the device
  • Monthly live classes designed to help members move quickly to their goal
    of mastery
  • Community help and support from the community forum
  • The Ask A Coach feature to get help when it’s needed within 24 hours of submission
  • Weekly quick tips and tricks to aid in exposure of a new feature or app
  • The optional Access Touch component where feeling what your screen is visually displaying

Fedora Outlier LLC, founded in 2011, is a leading assistive technology consulting, teaching and support firm specializing in Apple devices.

The firm currently serves clients remotely and in-person in nine countries and over 35 states in the US. Employing 18 blind individuals equipped to encourage, empower and grow the blind community with better than excellent assistive technology consulting, teaching and support.

Fedora Outlier LLC has published 3 books in their Old Hat Guide Series, taught over 200 clients to date and serves as the archetype for online teaching with its Mac Master Series, its soon-to-be-released iOS Master Series, and its upcoming
Performance Series.

Registration for the iOS Master Series Virtual Launch Party is now open.



ce SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 888.958.6979
Fax: 888.467.2162

iHabilitation Canada

Tom Dekker, Proprietor

How A Guy In A Mango Tree Caused This Guy To Loose His Sight, But Never His Vision

Sulaimon Salam Bamidele known as THE GREAT SSB is from Nigeria. He’s in the states on a Visa. His story is so captivating I had to capture it.

Once I did I lost it and had to record it again. After hearing it for the second time I had to play it for myself just one more time to make sure I got all the nuggets of empowerment he was leaving.

This guys story is simply a miracle!

He says that challenges in life are inevitable, but failure is a choice.

Dive in, but before you do you should know that listening will remove any thought of you failing at anything ever again…

From His Service To Our Country To Changing The Lives Of The Disabled In His Own Way

Meet Mr. Ken Mitchell. He likes to be called Ken or Mitch, so just to mess with him lets call him Kenneth for now.

Kenneth was Advocate Of The Year a couple years back, but his sights has always been set on helping others.
Even after the award he has never let his foot off the pedal.

Listen to his passionate story and raise a glass in toast to this gentleman and his service to our great country.