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You Asked For It…We Delivered! Introducing Low Monthly Payments On The iOS Master Series

Fedora introduces SWISS Pay for the iOS Master Series.

What’s this new thing called SWISS Pay you speak of? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

It’s a pretty neat idea inspired by friend of the firm Dr. Leo Bissonnette.

We wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to get teaching on iOS at an affordable price could get teaching on iOS at an affordable price.
Simple, right? We thought so, but don’t take our word for it.

Do the math, get the series and enjoy your membership benefits now!

The calculation is pretty simple when you think about it…take the yearly cost of any iOS Master Series, divide it by 12 and you’ve got some of the best teaching on the planet for one low affordable price.

Get either…

iOS Master Series Standard . iOS Master Series Premium . iOS Master Series Standard With Access Touch or iOS Master Series Premium with Access Touch

All your iOS goodness, one low monthly price with every membership benefit all with the new SWISS Pay.

Get your membership today using SWISS Pay and let’s change the world together!

Remember: If you have any questions you can always reply to the e-mail and we’ll get right back with you.

Why Are All The Good Guys Named Michael

Jordan, Jackson, Tyson all are great guys with the first name of Michael.

This guys resume takes the cake with his love for music production and the people behind it.

This week the interview comes out of Canada with our guest Michael Ciarciello.

It’s a awesome interview with an amazing guy, but don’t take my word for it.

Listen, learn and make a comment about the show.

Get Your Apple Certified Support Professional Certification Now!

Fedora Outlier LLC teams up with Mac For The Blind to bring you the first ever Apple Certified Support Professional Certification course.

The summer enrollment is getting underway and as we tweak the final touches we want to keep you in the loop.

If you want to obtain the Apple Certified Support Professional Certification and have questions you can do one or both…

Click to get details, updates and special promotions on the course as it’s being rolled out nationally

or you can reply to this e-mail with your questions and get a quick response from either myself or John.

Get the back stage pass and learn all there is to know about the Apple Certified Support Professional Certification by clicking the link below.

We’ll be sure to cover the secrets, successes and snags as we move closer to open enrollment slated to start in two weeks.

The summer open enrollment period will be only open for 30 days, so get the details now!

VaShaun & John

The value that you’ll receive from taking our Apple Certified Support Professional Certification course guarantees that you’ll catapult your business, gain more clients and land high impact contracts.

Get all the details

Because we’ve already went through the pitfalls and snags…you don’t have to.

You can learn from our mistakes.

Learn the proven steps for taking the Apple Certified Support Professional Certification test and get a peak behind the curtain on eight proven strategies on how to grow your business as you move through the course.

Tell me more

Drop Vox: Quick & Easy Recording For Anyone!

Drop Vox with a “V” as in VaShaun is your one stop recording utility for both the Mac and iOS.

On iOS you just install the app, configure a couple of settings and double tap on record.

On the Mac you install the app, set a default folder and press the spacebar to record. Press it again to stop recording.

Both apps for the Mac and iOS make it really simple to record one off audio files for reminders, podcast and audio notes.

On iOS I use Drop Vox for the in person live recordings of the Delivering Access Podcast.

Listen to the latest podcast episode we just posted where Marcy and her husband A.W. was interviewed live in their living room
using Drop Vox for iOS and you’ll understand why this app is a must have.

Get both accessible apps for Mac and iOS for free in the Mac and iOS app store.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you like Drop Vox for Mac and iOS for your recording needs.

Double Up With This Weeks Guest

Recently I was in the great state of Pennsylvania with Fedora team member Marcy and got a chance to interview both her and Allen.

Allen who is also known as AW is a great husband and friend of the firm.

You heard Marcy earlier last year, but the two together are double the fun.
Listen to this weeks episode as the Fedora story grows and the team members get stronger and more passionate with their charge of changing the world.

Did You Not Hear Us The Last Time?

Nope, most likely you didn’t hear us.

Reason for that could be because it’s never been done before and we haven’t announced it.

You are first to hear it…

Fedora is creating the first ever web series reality show called Blink where we hire the next associates to the firm.

More on this soon.

Happy Mothers Day to all you awesome mothers out there.

Let’s change the world together!!!

Calendar: The One App Every Successful Individual Uses And Why

One of the biggest tools in a successful individuals toolkit is the Calendar app.


It doesn’t matter if it’s managed by your virtual assistant, secretary or you use an app. 


The goal is to be efficient and effective with your time.


You can make more money if you lost it, but the one thing you cannot get back is time.


Managing a feature rich  calendar app is the second most effective way to create margin in your life, manage your affairs, stay on task and on target to hit your goals.


The first most effective way is to have another person manage your calendar for you. 


If you can’t afford to have someone update and track your appointments then a simple calendar app can do it with little effort on your part.


The best thing is that you can always move up to a personal assistant as you grow. You can share the same calendars with your assistant in a few taps.


With a little coaching you’ll be calendaring in no time. 


Here’s seven reasons why you should learn to use your Calendar app effectively.


1. You wake up with a plan


Every night I add to my calendar from a list of events I have written down that need to be added to my To Do list and multiple calendars.


When I wake up at around 4 AM I review my calendar to prepare my mind for the day ahead. This gives me clarity on what  I’ll be focused on that day and why.


2. What gets calendared gets done


In the same way that following an agenda keeps you on task scheduling events, reminders and to do’s keeps you working towards your goal.


A good calendar app will have reminders, task and to do list functionality built in.


3. Multiple calendars


The Calendar app allows you to have multiple calendars.


For example you can have a calendar for your company, your home or a general purpose one for keeping track of your otherwise hard to manage schedule.


You can toggle these off and on as needed.


You can even create a calendar for your ideal week.

I have a calendar called Perfect Week. It has what I want my ideal week to look like.


We both know things are not going to always go as planned, but this way gives you purpose and direction for your day and week ahead.


5. Live life on purpose


Proper calendar management keeps you aligned with your focused areas of opportunity.


You live on purpose proactively verses being reactive to whatever life throws your way.


One empowers you the other leaves you feeling powerless.


6. Types Of Events


One time events are events that only happen once or once in a while. 

An example is having lunch with a friend, carpet cleaning Monday at 3 or when your Mother needs a ride to the doctors this Friday.  


A recurring event is a calendar entry that is ongoing.


For example a meeting that happens every week or a due date for turning in assignments or task.


How to schedule one off and recurring events along with alerts using the Calendar app made easy in the iOS Master Series.


7. The difference Between Successful Individuals and very Successful Individuals 


Warren Buffett says…

“The difference is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”



Very successful individuals work in extended uninterrupted blocks of time. 


Being able to say no allows you to be able to say yes to the things you like and want to do.


To learn how to master your Calendar app and your iOS device you can subscribe to the iOS Master Series by Fedora Outlier LLC.


Let’s change the world together!!!