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Wild Card 5, Conversing with Mom

In life you have those that influence you to be the best you can be…

For me that person was my Mother.

She told me over and over again that a handicap is in my mind and I could be whoever I wanted to be, go where ever I wanted to go and do what ever I wanted to do.

No matter what others told me I knew that leading the blind into greatness was a HUGE passion of mines.

Just like Mom I enjoy helping my blind family to overcome life’s obstacles and raise our culture to a higher level.

Listen to the interview, get empowered and most of all help others along your journey.

Just a couple of Wild Cards left, so enjoy and get ready for season 2 of Blink coming in December 2015.

3D Touch? News to me.

Hello all. Let me first explain the title of this blog. 3D Touch saved my Apple News experience on my iPhone 6S. Still wondering how? Well here goes the reason.



  This goes back to when I had my 6PLUS and had been using the News app for a short while. I had learned about the feature which let you add sources to it from webpages on the internet. I was going to one of my favorite wrestling sites and decided to add it to my News app. Well I guess it was not the correct type of page. basically I was going nuts because I could not get any stories from it. It just kind of sat there laughing at me.



  I tried over and over again to remove it but it kept coming back. I did this by unchecking News in iCloud. Every time I turned it back on in iCloud ,after it was gone from News, it would be placed back in to my favorites of news. Also when i went in to edit there was no way to remove it. I had a major issue in my books.



  I had just gotten my new iPhone  6S and was playing around in News one day and decided to try something. I flicked in to favorites and on to the entry that had so long been a virtual thorn in my side. Not real but mentally as painful. I had heard of this thing called 3D Touch. so i pressed hard on the entry. What do you know? It actually opened it and said there was no entries! I then flicked and found a delete button which i promptly used. No more virtual thorn in my side. The evil journey had come to an end. all thanks to Apple and their wonderful 3D Touch!



  Until next time we meet in the words of the immortal George Carlin (May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house.(


Wild Card 4, We So Us

Leaving a legacy behind that helps to shape the world is an amazingly noble cause.

Do you know the man or woman who invented the paper check?

How about a guy by the name of Steve Jobs?

Well, both of the individuals named above are super important to our history and both have left a legacy that will be talked about for years.

The biggest difference is one persons life is documented very well and the other wasn’t.

This could have been by choice or by happenstance, but either way if you want to leave a legacy you should document everything!

My legacy is to change the world of assistive technology teaching for the blind and deaf-blind and create a universe where our culture is remembered for being super, uber, amazingly great at whatever we choose to do in life!!!

What’s your legacy?

Wild Card 3 (Employment Part 2)

This one is a goody…

We have Mrs. Marcia Lane Robinson on the line with us to break down employment, the barriers and how to overcome them with effective speaking.

Personally I think that speaking well helps you to communicate effectively and have a greater impact with your message.

Let’s take a listen, get empowered and change the world with my friend and mentor Mrs Marcia Lane Robinson.

For the Blink episodes and more of the Wild Card series click here and get every episode as they are released.

#Follow Friday With Donna Jodhan (Reposted)

For those of you who may not have had the opportunity to read Fedora Outlier’s Follow Friday interview with Donna Jodhan, I have taken the liberty to repost it.

Hello and welcome to Fedora Outlier’s Follow Friday series. This week I have a bit of a quandary that I am trying to solve. You see, a few days ago I received a mysterious message in my inbox and I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who it is from.

The only details that I was able to discover from reading the message was that she’s Canadian, has been writing mysteries for audio listeners for the past 5 years, is blind and is a strong advocate for the blindness community.

It took me a while but I eventually figured out who my mystery writer was and since I enjoy a great mystery, then you’ll have to keep reading to find out who this mysterious person is. I guarantee you’ll enjoy learning more about her.

Brie Rumery: Donna, tell us a bit about your work as an audio mystery writer and what made you decide to follow this path?
Donna Jodhan: I have been writing and recording my own audio mysteries since 2010 and I have been sharing my shows with radio stations in Toronto and with the ACB Internet Radio Station. I decided to become an audio mystery writer because I wanted to fulfill a passion that is near and dear to me. This being to use my imagination to write crime mysteries as well as to bring joy and warmth to others through my Christmas stories. My crime series which is titled the Detective DJ and the Crime Crushers series is patterned after the “Murder she wrote” and “Murdock” mysteries where the focus is on the solving of the mystery rather than emphasizing the content of the crime. My Christmas mysteries are filled with limitless imagination, joy, and heart warming stories. I decided to follow this path so that I could have a more balanced life; one of being an active advocate while at the same time being able to bring fun and joy to others.

BR: Donna, how has it been for you as an audio mystery writer thus far?
DJ: I have certainly been able to realize my dreams plus much more. For example, I have managed to develop a strategy whereby I can use my audio mysteries to help me spread my anti bullying campaign.

BR: Donna, Tell us a bit about your anti bullying campaign?
DJ: I have named my anti bullying campaign “CAB” which stands for campaign against bullying and in a nutshell this is how it works.
Each time someone makes a contribution to my campaign against bullying, I send them a thank you gift in return for their contribution and they can choose which thank you gift they wish to receive. The thank you gift is based on the dollar contribution that they make. I then use all contributions to produce and promote blogs, podcasts, and workshops that tell others how they can combat bullying and I will also help others to develop their own campaigns against bullying.
To learn more, visit

BR: Donna, How did you come to be interested in anti-bullying activities?
DJ: Sadly enough, I believe that my work in advocacy has shown me that many of our challenges and concerns result from much of society imposing their attitudes and opinions on us as a whole and that in order for blind persons to overcome this we need to stand together and find ways to push back in a meaningful and orderly manner.
This to me is bullying and we need to develop ways to deal with this.

BR: Donna, how long have you been an advocate and are there any successes that you would like to share with us?
DJ: I humbly state that in 2012, after a six years journey, I won a landmark victory against the Canadian Government over their inaccessible websites. This was a victory for all Blind Canadians and I did it because we as a community did not have equal access to information on government websites and accordingly web content was not very accessible to us. My work in this area is only just begun and at the present time I along with five other people have formed the Barrier Free Canada – Canada sans Barriers committee. Our goal is to lobby all Federal Parties to work together to pass a Canadians with Disabilities Act. The US passed the ADA 25 years ago and Britain passed the DDA 20 years ago. It is time for Canada to follow suit.

BR: Donna what legacy would you like to leave to others?
DJ: I am not sure if you would call it a legacy but these are my thoughts. Each morning when I wake up and reach for my i device I thank those who went before me because without them and their beliefs, commitments, and boundless efforts I would never be able to enjoy what I do today. I believe that it is my duty and obligation to ensure that our kids of the future continue to enjoy what I have plus more. My fight is for the kids first and foremost. They are our future and they are our hopes and dreams. If they are given the tools to succeed then we will all benefit.

As you have read Donna Jodhan is a person of many talents and passions, especially when it comes to writing and advocating for the blind. She is one of many within the blindness community that has made a difference for others who were denied the accessibility they deserve as a blind individual living in Canada and is one of the many reasons why Fedora Outlier chose her for this week’s Follow Friday and why we also choose to follow her future endeavors.

You can contact Donna Jodhan via Twitter @author_jodhan
Or visit to learn more about her as an audio mystery writer
or visit to join her campaign against bullying

#AccessChat Announcement For Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fedora Outlier, LLC
AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed To Access

Please join Brie Rumery, Junior Partner of Fedora Outlier, LLC, on Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 8:00 PM eastern with Blink contestant Curtis Jackson. Curtis will be participating in Fedora’s #AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed to Access. This unique interview via Twitter allows the blindness community the opportunity to interact each week with a particular person, organization or business that is making or continues to make an impact or change the lives of the blind, low vision and deaf-blind communities.

Curtis Jackson is an Assistive technology specialist at Envision. He has been with the company since August 2004 and is also a computer technician on the side. Mr. Jackson is from DeRidder Louisiana and has been blind since birth do to Glaucoma. He went to public school and graduated from DeRidder high school, and attended Louisiana Tech University for two years majoring in sociology. Mr. Jackson has been teaching computers since 2008 and has obtained his Comptia Aplus certification, Microsoft Technology Associate, and Ic3 certification. Mr. Jackson enjoys watching his clients learn how to be more efficient through technology so they can obtain Employment.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 4th @ 8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central or 5:00 PM Pacific for #AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed to Access!

#AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed To Access takes place Wednesday evenings starting at 8:00 PM Eastern, so mark your calendars and join Brie for an hour of interesting and enlightening conversation among friends.