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Outliers with Burnie Mack

Salute to this gentleman!

He served our country well!

Now that he’s not fighting the enemy he is creating a quality life for others.

Mr. Burnie Mack as he loves to be called is one amazing man.

I could name all the things he does well, but i think it best that you listen to his story, understand his genius and start to move in the direction of creating a life for yourself that is a joy not only for yourself, but for others around you.

You will be hearing allot from this guy in the near future as he will be taking and passing his ACSP certification and providing technology teaching to vets, just like himself.

Fedora Outlier LLC Presents: Launchers, the event

February 19th at 5 PM EST marked a day in history for the culture of those living with blindness.

The Launchers event was born and it displayed to the world that blind people, disabled people can start their own business and be empowered.

You will hear how Amanda is taking her clients on a journey moving them from their current job to the job they love.

Mel as she gets you healthy, fit and ready for the summer with Blind Alive.

Maryann who works for several companies as a consultant and is starting her business doing what she always has done, but she’ll get paid with her business Sawdust Technologies LLC.

Nasreen who works as an executive with Project Starfish. She’ll work with you so you’ll have the tools in your toolbox needed to be successful in finding or creating work.

Michael works to create a system for you that is easy and simple for you to manage or you can pay his firm to manage it or you can take one of his free or paid courses and learn to do it yourself. Either way you can’t loose.

Then there’s Gabe. His company can teach you on anything and his 24 hour support keeps the company working hard around the clock to serve you no matter the time zone.

Every one of these fine business owners worked hard and they live their dreams.

You can too!

We also go over my 7 Irrefutable Easy Steps To Starting Your Business.

Listen to the event replay.

If you want to work we are here to help.

Be empowered!

Free Bonus: 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

I talk with business want a bees every week that are stuck in one place.

Want to know what place they are stuck in?


They call it starting a business for a reason…

It’s so you can go into business.

Most people get stuck in the starting phase and never leave.

This is only phase one…

It’s almost as if starting a business sounds better than going into business.

We’ll help you start your business… that’s the easy part.

It’s so easy we’ll show you this step by step for free Sunday, February 19th at 5PM EDT.

The “I’m starting a business” excuse is now removed.

Now you have got your Business started it’s time to go into phase two which is launching.

This is when you open your doors to the world and make something happen.

I personally call this phase going out and killing it then bringing it home.

It’s often referred to as “going into business”…

That’s the magic, but you have to make it happen.

It’s the move from being a person who is always saying they are starting a business to the person that has went into business.

On Sunday February 19th at 5PM you will here from 7 business owners that have successfully launched their platforms.

They are in multiple phases of start up ranging from just deciding what their name is going to be all the way up to having thousands of clients worldwide.

Yes, they are all blind and the great thing about that fact is if we can do it with our eyes closed…

Anyone can do it no matter the disability.

Even if you don’t have a disability we can show you how to launch your platform.

Register for the free event here…

When you register you will receive event details, the introductions from the guest speakers and all of our free giveaways including Fedora Outlier’s presentation at the end titled 7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside…

Status 26: Case Closed

If you want to work and you need help from a team of people that was just like you.. at one point in life.

You have come to the right place.

Fedora Outlier LLC works with all individuals. We don’t work with disabled.

We work with everyone willing to work.

You may be reading this blog and have a disability, but

your disability is not the issue…

80% of your issue is fighting the system!

A system is suppose to work smoothly and if their is a hick up or two it should be easily worked out, corrected and the process gets better over time.

That is NOT the case with vocational rehab.

It feels like a fight every time we walk through the doors of VR all over the world.

We talked to individuals that are scared, frustrated, ready to give up on life, ready to throw their dream away…

I can’t stand and let that happen.

You can’t stand and let that happen.

We can’t stand and let that happen.

We can stand together and create a system that works for everyone.

That’s just great business… right?

Our goal is to help 1000 people in 2017 from all around the world close their case successfully!

This is our intro to how we are going to make it happen!

Click to play

We are here to dominate!

I thought it was your case?

My wife asks me if it’s her money then why am I spending it. LOL

If it’s your VR case then why are they telling you what you want?

Why when you ask for something and even justify why you want it in your mind…

Someone that has 0 authority, isn’t qualified or has never been disabled

is telling you that’s not good for you.

Tell your Mom that your new mom is Mrs. (INSERT (STATE HERE) Vocational Rehab now.

This video opens your eyes to another way of thinking…