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Month: April 2017

{Book Signing} Opportunity Comes To Those That Create Them

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At age 41 I would have never thought that I would make it through allot of the challenges life throws in your way.

I never never, dreamed of being able to change the lives of thousands of disabled people…

I would have never thought that my company would be a household name when it comes to the best assistive technology consulting, teaching and support of Apples’ born accessible devices.

Saturday April 22nd at 2:05 PM my life took another twist and I was able to meet Charlamagne The God, have a convo, get two books signed and then…

I took my opportunity and asked how can we connect?

He told me and now we have another strong connection from a person who really believes in changing the world.

VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God
VaShaun getting a book signed by Charlemagne The God for his daughter, Kaylah Jones.
VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God
VaShaun meeting Charlemagne The God

The pic At the top is Charlamagne signing the book for my daughter Kaylah Jones and….

the one on the bottom is me shaking his hand.

Amazing what happens when you believe! and put in the work.

Outliers With Gwen Hollie Part One

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Her husbands words and mentorship changed my life, increased my income 100% and made my marriage better than excellent.

He told me I should be working with Federal contracts, so I immediately went to work on my mentors advice.

He told me to love on my wife everyday and so I do even though she tells me to leave her feet alone. (I love her feet)

He told me how to get what I wanted from the government and the people who work for me.

We now have two federal contracts, more on the way and 34 team members. (I don’t always get what I want, but I know how)

Bill turned his business into a million dollar business and…

Fedora Outlier LLC echoes his progression to grow and go even further.

He told me so, so much in the years we knew each other that all I can do now is sit and remember, try to reflect then take his words and turn them into action.

RIP Bill!

Here to give the interview I never had the chance to do is Bill’s lovely widow Gwen Holley.

This interview comes in two parts.

Gwen is giving you a snip it into Bill’s life and it’s our hope that you understand that one person can change the world.

Listen up, learn and then level up your game and life from this two part interview.

Outliers With Leo Laporte and Scott Rumery

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Scott surprised the heck out of me when I heard Fedora Outlier LLC on the radio for the first time in life.

Hundreds of thousands of people were introduced to the name…

The worlds best tech guy said we were on the right track…

Steve Jobs created a new lane for world changers when thinking of Voice-Over.

We take you backstage as a dream was built from this one phone call.

This one is for the history books…

Outliers With Roger Wiker

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From age 17 he knew he was going to change the world.

Funny how he started in my home town in Virginia, left home at 17 years of age (just like me) and even started a successful practice like myself.
Our paths never crossed in Virginia that we know of, but years later we meet and today we get to change the world together.

At Fedora Outlier LLC we get to work with the best in the world and this gentleman is the best.

He is 70 plus years of age and you’d think he was 32.

Don’t take our word for it.

Check him out and leave us a comment telling us your thoughts.

Tonight we discuss abandonment in the disability community on Culture

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Until we get to the root of our concerns as a culture we’ll never solve our issues.

We’ve talked to so many people that are disabled and have been left abandoned by friends, family and people we thought would be there for us no matter what.

We’ve counseled so many men who lost their wives after going blind or becoming disabled.

We’ve talked to many women who find it hard to date because men look at them as disabled and the women feel lonely.

Join myself, Angela Pratt and Matt C on Culture as we break down abandonment, how to fix yourself and be ready for the world the next day.

I’m going to tell my story of how a service provider in Georgia used me and others like me to get thousands of dollars.

Once the money ran out, tables turned and the money started to flow the other way…

We were abandoned.

Matt C tells his story of being left to figure out life without friends once he suddenly became blind.

Angela puts this back together like Humpty Dumpty and into a perspective that works if you work it tonight at 7PM Eastern.

Just click here to watch live.

Remember: We have to destroy before we elevate!

Outliers with guest Jerry Johnson

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It’s not often that a person gets to interview a living legend.

I’ve got to interview Mr. JJ of the Blind Boys of…

I’ll leave who he sings with as a surprise because it’s funny to hear him talk about his life on the road and how the other band members work with their blindness to put on a awesome show.

It’s simply the most funnest interview I’ve ever done.

OK, funnest is not a word. I may even have spelled it wrong, but hell… who’s counting?

Mr. Johnson is last, but not least on this season of the Outliers podcast on the Delivering Access Network.

Share this with the world and let’s change it together…