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Getting to the finish line verses pretending

Ever met one of those people who would rather take a picture of themselves at the finish line as if they actually ran the race? They want INSTANT success when it’s just not possible for most. Yup, I get it…

There are some who make it on the first try and we call them outliers.

Most of us make it after seval attemps at doing something and then maybe we might see a glimmer of success.

In this video I’ll share my biggest failure with my mindset and how I overcame it, but most importantly I will show you how to over come it as well.

The video is below. Remember to unmute it if it doesn’t play imediately.

Here’s the quick link to the short video

Outlier’s with Roberta Joanjensen

Ever had the desire to preserve history? What about the sensation to change the world?

Well Roberta wants to do both…

She is on a mission that she needs your help with and in turn it’s going to change the world.

Her mission?

Wait and listen.

How it’s going to change the world?

Same thing… take a listen and you’ll see how to help make this place a better world for everyone on it..

Outlier’s with Chenelle Patrice Hancock

Can you say she is the best in the world in five different languages? For most of us that would be a resounding “NO”, but for this weeks guess it’s a drop in the bucket.

Chenelle Hancock speaks multiple languages and believes that anyone can do what they put their minds to.

It’s one of those things that takes mastery and Chenelle kicks the mastery meter up about five notches.

I think she is the best person in the world to ever rock the podcast in a long time and that’s because she is super driven, amazingly talented and wants to change the world through her work.

Sit back and listen, then learn and last #raise the bar…