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Outliers with Reginald Ford

A man after my own hat… I mean heart. LOL

A young up and coming leader on his path to greatness is what you are going to gleam from this interview.

He’s now the newly elected president of the Southside chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia Inc and is getting his assistive technology certification at World Services for the Blind.

He has an impressive collection of fedoras just like me and will be teaching assistive technology as well.

Remind you of someone?

I’m super impressed with him and it was a joy to get on his calendar for this interview.

Take a listen and tell me if you see greatness as i do.

Outlier’s with Walter Mitchell

Walt is a great interview…

He was so great I interviewed him twice. Well, the reason was really because I lost the first recording.

I found out that he plays the guitar and is super into family and making things happen.

What do I mean when I say making things happen you ask?

That’s all in the interview. Let’s take a journey through Walter’s life to date and see what things he has been up to and what’s next for him…

Outlier’s with Torrey Wilson

The doctors say he has Aspergers, plus he’s blind and yet he can’t be stopped when it comes to his dream…

Torrey wants to be on the radio and we are going to make that happen for sure.

When you have wanted something from a little boy till now you will not stop until you get it.

Being on the radio, producing a show then broadcasting live is 100% accessible and obtainable in 2018 for the blind.

Don’t believe me?

Follow Torrey on his life’s journey as we make it happen in his one of a kind world changing interview!

5 Streams Of Income For Anyone

Want to level up your finances in 2018? Here are five ways to make as much money as you want by just putting in a bunch of effort. Notice I said a bunch! It’s not hard work, however it does REQUIRE work.

I’m going to break down the five income streams, how they work and how you can work them to generate more money…. Oh, and this works no matter your age, disability or race. How do I know this?

because i use these principles everyday! I GO TO WORK>>>

Notice the word “WORK” is in just about every sentence of this post?

Use work in these five ways together and you’ll have whatever you put your mind to…
Traditional Income

Passive Income

Creative Income

Affiliate Income

Contracting Income

plus a bonus income stream at the end of this video that most don’t think about when creating content…

NOTE: Your mute button may be pressed when attempting to watch the video. Press unmute and you’ll be good to go.