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Are you using social media to your full advantage?

Do you have something to say or sell?

These are the two main ways we all use social media.

If the answer is “yes”, then you need to have a presence social media – ALL OF THEM!

On today’s FAQ Friday, we show you how to properly manage and maintain all of your social media accounts.

We also tell you all about our next $100 giveaway contest!

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Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions and challenges they’ve faced using instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Your input is what makes these videos so interactive!

We hope you have a great weekend.

Do You Want to Close Your VR Case Successfully?


FAQ Friday is now up on YouTube for you to view and enjoy!

This week we’re covering closing your VR case, taking quality videos / photos and how to make money on the internet.

Watch the video below:

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Have a great weekend!

Here’s what’s going down on this weeks FAQ FRIDAY:

  1. We tell you all about The YouTube scam drama that put our blind detective skills to the test!

  2. We’ll be selecting a NEW winner for that $100 YouTube subscription grand prize contest!

  3. Telling you more about Google World and what we’ve been working on.

  4. And of course, we’ll be answering your questions that you’ve sent in over the past 2 weeks.

DRAMA ALERT: did someone try to scam us?! Tune in live Friday @ 11AM EST on YouTube to find out!

We hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July “weekend”! It wasn’t long enough, was it?

We here at Fedora took the week to work on a few internal things, going through more of your questions and we even had to deal with some YouTube drama!

Here’s what’s been going on:

But, all we can say for now is that we’ll be drawing a NEW WINNER LIVE ON YOUTUBE on Friday, July 13th @ 11AM EST / 10AM CST / 9AM MST / 8AM PST!

You will want to tune in for this one!


We are hard at work getting ready to launch google world for you guys soon!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves, just know… it’s big and never been done before!

As always, check out our YouTube channel for the latest updates and advice!