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In One Ear And Out The Other {Tonight – April 24th}

Have you ever heard the saying “in one ear and out the other?”

Well, tonight, April 24th at 6PM EST / 5PM CST / 4PM MST / 3PM PST

We’ll be going live everywhere…

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If you are not following us on any of those platforms, then you may want to possibly start now.

There’s a 12 year old visually impaired young man by the name of Tony and a loving mother (Ms. Lipscom) who needs our help navigating the complicated world of raising a child with a disability.

You can weigh in with your comments, advice, and resources to empower them.

Your experiences and insight could make a huge difference in this families day to day life!

I’ll be interviewing both of them tonight…LIVE


I’ll also explain what that saying means while you help us help HER.

Super Quick!

We interrupt the normally scheduled video to remind you of the device foundation courses launching on May 13th!

To get more details and to preregister – head over to

The videos you’ve come to know and love will return next week as usual – Happy April!