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Month: March 2022

How to Get That Extra “Lift” in Life!

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It’s Kristi here and currently Vashaun is making me write a description of this video that is about me and how amazing I am 😉

Not to brag too much, but I DO handle a lot of things within the background of Fedora Outlier thay you’d never realize keep us successfully up and running!

But truthfully, Vashaun saw a need in his business and instead of spreading himself too thin on things that weren’t in his wheelhouse, he sought to fill that need with someone who could be his “right hand”. 

And that’s where I come in! 

Realizing, recognizing and rectifying when you have a deficit isn’t a weakness, it’s empowerment! 

Knowing when it’s time to delegate and hand over the reigns to someone else is how you become a great leader and business owner. 

And let us know what part of your life you may need a “lift” with in the comments.

Hacks For Punching Life’s Bullies In The Face 👊🏻

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No, I’m not advocating that you actually punch anyone in the face …

It’s more of a metaphor about how we should treat the obstacles that come at us in life. 

I’m starting a new series on how to overcome the things in life that happen to ALL us, big and small. 

And how we can “hack” our way through them and come out stronger on the other side!

How Do You MAKE Money? 💵

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It’s A seemingly simple question,,

But also quite a complex one.

The way money is generated is by selling something someone else wants…

Whether it be a product, a service, a skill or even an idea – it’s something that YOU provide to others for a cost. 

So how do you determine what to sell to someone? 

as Vashaun tells us how he chooses which ventures and passions to invest himself in and how you can find yours as well.

I Am Depressed Because I Am Blind

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I know I may seem like a positive and upbeat guy all the time, but even I have struggled with depression. 

Dealing with blindness (or any disability) comes with it’s fair share of hurdles and heartbreaks… 

But, it also comes with triumphs and enhanced experiences. 

Blindness was one of the worst things that ever happened to me … but it was also one of the best. 

To hear my story and the daily affirmations that keep me going, 

and please share yours in the comments as well.

A Blind Man Can Get a Concealed Carry Permit?!

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Yes, it’s true! 

Blind individuals are able to obtain a firearms carry permit as long as they meet all the requirements of their state. 

There are many strong opinions from the sighted and visually impaired on whether or not this a good idea …

Where do YOU stand? 

and weigh in on whether you think it should be a right that is extended to all individuals, even if they are blind.