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Month: April 2022

Get On My Level!

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It’s absolutely normal to compare yourself to others in a seemingly better position in life than you… 

and think “Why Can’t I Be like That?”. 

… But listen, their journey is not your journey! 

You might have to take a different path or adapt your strategy to fit your strengths and weaknesses… 

But you CAN do it! 

where Vashaun breaks down what it means to “Level Up”.

Be Mindful of The Company You Keep…

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Did you know that the top 5 people in your life have the hugest impact on your goals? 

There is a reason successful people surround themselves with other successful people… 

When you elevate your friends list, you elevate yourself and your daily influences. 

If you’re always around negative people with “can’t do” attitudes, 

That influence rubs off on you and effects YOUR success. 

to explore VaShaun’s take on who and what you should allow in your inner circle.

Medical Advocacy Is Key To Your Survival!

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Kristi here and this is a subject that’s very close to my heart! 

As a kidney transplant recipient and previous dialysis patient, 

I spend a lot of my time advocating for myself AS WELL as other people in my position who might not understand the system as well as I do. 

Knowing what you need, what you deserve and fighting for it 

is something most individuals in the disabled community HAVE to do in order to survive and thrive. 

and be sure to share your experiences in the comments.

What Is Your Next Move?

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You heard the question… but let me say it again: 

What. Is. Your. Next. Move? 

If you don’t know the answer to that, if you don’t have a plan or goal in mind…

Then that is the #1 thing you should be working on right now. 

You can’t achieve anything if you don’t know what you’re aiming for…

And you should ALWAYS be aiming for something.


and his tips on how to plan your next move and succeed at it.