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3D Touch? News to me.

Posted in Matt Carello

Hello all. Let me first explain the title of this blog. 3D Touch saved my Apple News experience on my iPhone 6S. Still wondering how? Well here goes the reason.



  This goes back to when I had my 6PLUS and had been using the News app for a short while. I had learned about the feature which let you add sources to it from webpages on the internet. I was going to one of my favorite wrestling sites and decided to add it to my News app. Well I guess it was not the correct type of page. basically I was going nuts because I could not get any stories from it. It just kind of sat there laughing at me.



  I tried over and over again to remove it but it kept coming back. I did this by unchecking News in iCloud. Every time I turned it back on in iCloud ,after it was gone from News, it would be placed back in to my favorites of news. Also when i went in to edit there was no way to remove it. I had a major issue in my books.



  I had just gotten my new iPhone  6S and was playing around in News one day and decided to try something. I flicked in to favorites and on to the entry that had so long been a virtual thorn in my side. Not real but mentally as painful. I had heard of this thing called 3D Touch. so i pressed hard on the entry. What do you know? It actually opened it and said there was no entries! I then flicked and found a delete button which i promptly used. No more virtual thorn in my side. The evil journey had come to an end. all thanks to Apple and their wonderful 3D Touch!



  Until next time we meet in the words of the immortal George Carlin (May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house.(


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