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A Crazy Robot Lady & Fedora team up! Wait… what!?

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Good morning, beautiful people!

We had so much great feedback on last weeks jam packed video that we’re bringing you another supersized one this Friday!


We’ll be covering the following questions and more:

• How to format a cell in Numbers on the Mac

• More life stories from our Fedora Family as we follow their journeys so far and discuss what their “Ah-Ha” moment was.

• What the heck is PFL, and how does it work? I will share with you how the answer to this question nearly took my creative thoughts to the next level!

• So you want to be an assistive technology coach/specialist/trainer/teacher/“whatever we are being called” these days?

• I want to make it in the radio business What should I do to get myself known and how do I start my own station?

Phew, that was a lot! I told you it will be jam packed! We are not pulling any punches, we want you to have ALL the information you need to succeed!


We’re starting a new project here at Fedora where we share with you a different accessibility focused channel each month.

This month we’re featuring a long time client of the Fedora Family.

Leslie is a totally blind user from SC who has been working in accessibility for 10+ years.

She is also a long time friend and previous roommate to our website and marketing guru, Kristi.

They attended the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind together in high school and have worked on many accessibility projects together through out their 20 year friendship.

Leslie currently runs an up and coming YouTube channel called “Crazy Robot Lady” where she delves into the a multitude of interesting robots and how she interacts and navigates them as a blind user.

We’d love you to check it out!

head over to her channel by June 26th and subscribe to receive a BONUS ENTRY into our $100 grand prize giveaway coming up later this month!


As always, you can check out our previous videos and subscribe to the Fedora Outlier LLC channel anytime as well by clicking below.

Visit & Subscribe to the Fedora Outlier Youtube Channel

We look forward to seeing you Friday!

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