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A number will not be needed to make this a SIMPLE SYSTEM™ that works!

Posted in Delivering Access

So, here are our two big announcements… with the video below.

Fedora Outlier LLC will no longer use a traditional 1-800 number for communication!

Especially, when a email can do the same thing and more…

You can now reach Fedora anyway you like by simply entering via FaceTime audio call, a FaceTime video call, or you can even text it as well!

and of course, as always, you can also send a traditional email.

Now that’s world changing!

The other super cool things you can do with just an email address will blow your mind…

This brings us to our next super big announcement…


This goes….

Way beyond technology teaching…

We build SIMPLE SYSTEMS that work!

We build them for people who want to work and / or improve their quality of life.


This video should demonstrate that

  1. A costly business phone line is NOT needed to do business

  2. Fedora Outlier LLC builds systems that work!

Watch now:

We’ll see you on the inside……

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