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#AccessChat LP

Join the conversation and be empowered.

#AccessChat is the first of its kind–a weekly blindness-oriented Twitter chat with the goal of connecting the blindness community with those committed to accessibility.

Whether it’s a blind professional using accessible mainstream technologies to stay competitive in the workplace, a developer keeping access at the forefront of their product or service, or a thought leader within the blindness community, you will find these discussions helpful, encouraging and empowering as we uncover answers to the most common questions you have about accessibility and those who value it.

How Can I Get Involved with #AccessChat?

Great question! #AccessChat will be held on Tuesday of every week –unless stated otherwise–and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to participate. Our moderator will pose questions to a guest, and each tweet sent out pertaining to the chat is tagged with #AccessChat. If you want to respond or mention something related to the discussion, you, too, can tag your tweets with the #AccessChat hashtag.

The chat will take place at 8PM EST, and we invite participants to arrive five to ten minutes early for casual conversation before the chat begins. If you can’t attend, we will host archived transcripts of each discussion right here on our website, so you can catch up and see what we had to say.

How Do I Follow the #AccessChat Discussion on Twitter?

Hashtags are a great way to follow conversation on a particular topic, and Twitter chats use them to group communications into a single thread. Most Twitter clients offer search functionality to filter only tweets with the desired hashtag or keyword, so we recommend you read the documentation for your preferred Twitter client to see how you can enter search queries.

If you are using a Mac, for example, Yorufukurou offers a search feature by pressing CMD + left arrow until you hit the search tab. Press CMD + “F” to place your cursor in the search field, and then type your desired search query–in this case, you can search for #AccessChat.

Demoes for Commonly Used Twitter Clients

Here are a few audio demos walking through the process of following #AccessChat with a couple of the most popular accessible Twitter clients, The Cube for Windows and Yorufukurou for Mac OSX. Thanks to Rick Harmon of Blind Geek Zone for recording a demo for The Cube!

How Can I Be a Guest on #AccessChat?

You can use the Fedora Outlier contact form to tell us a bit more about yourself, and what you’d like to feature on #AccessChat. We’re excited to share this platform with our community, and we look forward to hosting some powerful and encouraging discussions!

Want More Information and Updates about #AccessChat?

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