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Adding A City To The Weather App

Posted in Apple Inc

The iPhone comes already loaded with a great weather app. Not only can you set it up to check your local weather each day, you can select the cities where family and friends live, to find out the weather in their locations. What if you are going to visit one of them?Won’t you want to know the weather for the next few days? The app will show you the weather for the next five days, in any city you pick.

You can set up the weather app to show you the forecast for any city you choose, not just your local weather. So, if your sister lives in Houston and your daughter lives in San Diego, you can set up these cities in the app, and find out what the weather will be like in those locations for the day and the next five, just as it gives you that same information for your location.

To add a city to keep up with its weather, do the following:

1. One finger double tap the edit cities button, located right past the five-day weather for your current location.
2. Type a city, state, or zip code in the search box, which will be editing and in focus.
3. One finger double tap search, located at the bottom right of the on-screen keyboard.
4. One finger double-tap the city you are looking for, if it is in the list.
On the next screen, Voice Over will be focused on the add button. One finger right flick to the done button and one finger double tap.

Congratulations! You’ve added the city of your choice. So now, at the bottom of the screen, you will find what page you are on. Each page has one city and weather, but how to get from one page to another? Find out the answer to this, as well as how to begin with your home city, probably your current location, in our very first eBook, The Old Hat Guide To iPhone Accessibility There you will learn all about the weather app, as well as all of the default apps that come on the phone. We will walk you through everything you will need to know to become an expert on all of Apple’s i-gadgets.