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Adventures In Dallas Part Three

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Dining Out In Dallas

Friday, July 3rd was a very busy and long day for me and Marcy. We did a great deal of walking throughout the Sheridan hotel along with riding up and down the elevators several times before arriving to the correct floor and let’s not forget walking down deserted hallways in search of a particular meeting room. However, I must say that we were quite proud of our accomplishments by the end of the day.

That’s why when Marcy suggested that we find a nearby restaurant to eat at instead of dining at either the hotel sports bar or the pricey Kitchen Table hotel restaurant, I piped up and said, “why not!” I should have known better.

Since Marcy is pretty much a vegetarian, it was necessary for us to not only find a restaurant that was within walking distance of the hotel but that would also cater to both of our nourishment desires. I was looking forward to a nice, thick, juicy Ribeye, but I compromised and let Marcy choose the restaurant. I’m such a good friend!

After a great deal of discussion and searching a couple of apps such as All Access and Blind Square, we decided on what sounded like a nice little Italian place called Campisis, plus it sounded like it was not too far from the hotel.

We put our shoes back on, harnessed up our dogs, grabbed our purses, phones and definitely our appetites and headed out the door. We got on the elevator and made it down to the lobby without any problems whatsoever this time and we even found someone who walked us to the entrance of the hotel. Everything was going great! What could go wrong I asked myself?

Since Marcy is a little better at directions then I am and also knows how to use GPS apps more than I do, I let her take the lead. She typed in the address and we then both took a deep breath and crossed the street from the hotel. Let’s just say that was about the only correct thing we did. After walking a few blocks and retracing our steps several times, we decided that we needed to stop someone and ask for some help. Fortunately, while we were trying to decide what to do, a nice young gentlemen, who we found out was also attending the convention and had some very good functional vision, helped us a great deal.

To make a long story short, between the help of our new found friend, I really do wish I could remember his name, and the strangers we stopped along the way, we did indeed make it to Campisis’s Italian restaurant for dinner. We invited our companion to join us, for without him we would probably never had found the place and the three of us, okay five of us, if you count the dogs at our feet, had a marvelous meal.

The staff at Campisis was very helpful and the food was excellent. We actually went back there a couple of more times with other new friends we met at the convention; however, instead of walking we splurged and took Uber.

If you are ever in downtown Dallas and are staying at the Sheridan Hotel, I would definitely recommend popping into Campisis’s Italian Restaurant for a bite to eat! You definitely won’t go wrong with anything you order off of the menu!

As we say in Italian, “Mangia!”

The Adventures in Dallas series is quickly coming to a close; however, don’t fret, there’s a lot more posts coming your way in 2016. What can you expect next from Brie, Marcy or any of the Fedora Outlier team? Well, you’ll just have to follow one or all of our personal Fedora pages to find out!

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