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Adventures in Dallas – The End

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The Rest of the Story…

Looking back at the days that Marcy and I spent in Dallas at the 2015 ACB Convention definitely brings a smile to my face. Yes, it was a bit stressful at times. Yes. We pushed ourselves to limits that I did not think were possible; however, Marcy and I survived our first national convention and I am very proud of that fact.

We went to the convention having absolutely no idea what to expect or how we would accomplish the tasks we might face, but we were willing to step outside of our comfort zones and make our first convention a success, even if we did get thrown a few curve balls and I continuously hummed the theme song to Indiana Jones!

The other reason that I am so proud of our accomplishments at the convention is that for the first time, us ladies, represented Fedora Outlier, LLC at a national convention by providing several workshops on how to use iOS and the Mac. By providing these workshops, Marcy and I were given the privilege to inform attendees about our business and why Fedora is unlike any other assistive technology firm in the world.

We took time out to attend some very knowledgeable seminars such as, “Learning How to Use Facebook and Twitter on an iPhone” and “What Accessible Apps Do You Use on Your iDevice?”

We visited the very busy but quite popular exhibit hall, where Marcy and I both spent way too much money buying products from GuideLights and Gadgets for our guide dogs and where I found it necessary to abandon Marcy at the MaxiAids booth because she couldn’t make up her mind about the type of talking watch she wanted to purchase and I wanted to visit more booths, which I did until she tracked me down!

We made new friends both two and four legged, discovered that by making friends with the manager of the Kitchen Table restaurant that you can get a truly awesome chef salad, that tour buses do not have enough leg room for both you and your guide dog and that that there are times when you should not where sandals around a group of blind or visually impaired individuals because you might just get your toes stepped on!

In closing, I will be the first to say, for I won’t speak for Marcy, that attending my first national convention was a learning experience.

I learned that all those years of orientation/mobility training actually paid off, especially when we got lost. I learned that as a professional business woman that it’s important to be completely prepared for anything that might happen, which I will be the first to admit, I could use a bit more practice in. I learned to deal with frustrating circumstances without having too many “melt” downs and the most important thing that I learned from attending my first convention was the fact that I, along with hundreds of other blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind individuals is that we all share the same goals, dreams and aspirations.

If you haven’t attended an ACB national convention before, then I highly recommend that you consider coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2016. Marcy and I are looking forward to being there and creating new memories and I know without a doubt it won’t be boring!

2015 has been a banner year for myself, Marcy and the entire Fedora Outlier team and that’s why I am so excited about what the firm has planned for the New Year. You can find out more about Fedora Outlier and all of the services we provide by visiting our web site and signing up for our newsletter or personal web pages.

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