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Adventures In Dallas

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This year my colleague and dear friend Marcy Weinberg and I attended our first American Council of the Blind (ACB) convention in Dallas, Texas and oh, what an experience it was. We learned a great deal, met some wonderful people and had a little bit of fun as well.

Our adventure began when we landed in Dallas at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. We were met by two very nice individuals who helped Marcy and I navigate through the airport so that we could get to the shuttle bus that would take us to the hotel. On the way out of the airport, my dog Jadyn, and I were nearly startled to death because a woman had entered the airport with a small dog in her arms that barked and growled at my guide dog. Oh how fun.

We made it to the shuttle unscaved and met some very nice people that were also headed to the convention. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of flying and gave me a chance to take a deep breath and relax just a little bit.

Once arriving at the Sheraton, Marcy and I figured that all would be fine. We would easily find our room, unpack, take the dogs out to park, get a bite to eat and then call it a night. Wrong!

The front desk was besieged by a bunch of blind and visually impaired individuals who apparently had the same idea that Marcy and I had and therefore due to the chaos, I gave the incorrect credit card which had to be changed the very next day. The bell hop who helped us with our luggage took us to the wrong room and I’m not even going to mention the frustration of deciphering which side of the Braille label on the elevator was the correct button to push for the floor you needed to go to!

Long story short, Marcy and I did manage,with a great deal of help, to find a place for our dogs to “park”, get a bite to eat at the hotel sports bar because it was the only place open and still serving food at the time, and we also managed to get on the correct elevator, reach the correct floor and enter the correct room where we immediately put our jammies on and crawled into bed.

We would definitely need our beauty rest because the adventure was actually just getting started and we really had no earthly idea what was in store for us.

Don’t fret. There’s more “ACB Adventures in Dallas,” coming your way. Just visit my Fedora page to read more about what Marcy and I were up to during this year’s ACB Convention.

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