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Always Call A Blind Person Twice

Posted in Apple Inc

I have this friend that every time I call him I have to call at least twice in order to reach him. One day I asked him why doesn’t he answer the phone on the first call. He said no one answers the phone on the first ring unless its and emergency or unless they are waiting on someone to send them a check. I said to him not the first ring, but the first call.

My friend responded that it was simple. I said what do you mean? He responded that you always call a blind person twice.

One time for them to find the phone and the second time for them to answer. I laughed, but took some serious thought to it and realized that he may have something there.

From now on I always call a blind person twice and when I explain this concept to them I find that they call me twice too.

Do you ever find yourself in this same situation? If so do you call twice as well? If you do leave us a comment and tell us how this is working out for you.

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