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Another High Quality, Free Production For You & Yours

Posted in Delivering Access

All I’m going to say is that there will be a live online concert and it will be exactly that!


it’s really the future and we’ve been testing it out for a while now.

You may be asking “what is this ‘future’ you speak of?” 

Well, it really boils down to content creation via audio and video.

Here’s what we prepose…

I’ll have pre produced music from my band, my lead vocalist and me on the sax performed for you for free for a hour or so.

September 19th at 6PM ET.

The team will be testing camera’s, mics, audio effects, switchers and more – all for the sole purpose of 

testing for the future of our content creation and production. 

More details to come as the 19th gets a bit closer.

Photo Description: The band performing “I’m Going Down”
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