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Apple Podcast App Not Ready For Primetime!

Posted in Apple Inc, and iOS

I am a big fan of podcasts! I listen to about 5 per day on average. They range from topics on technology, business, leadership and life. I was excited to hear about the release of Apples new podcasting app, but that excitement wained soon after I started using it.

Last month Apple released the Apple Podcast app in the app store for iOS and I jumped at the chance to try out all the “cool” features. I liked not having to connect my many iOS devices to get the latest shows on all my devices.

Shortly after downloading the app I noticed it was a bit buggy to say the least. This was something that I really didn’t expect to see in something that Apple put out as a consumer release.

The first thing I found to be a pain was the lack of distinguishable buttons. There are many places you can tap on that opens new pages like the “Now Playing” section to get the additional track controls. My two worse experiences are that it downloads ghost episodes of podcast that have no title and is from 2008. This happens even though I have each podcast set to only download the most recent episode. Often times I’ll look at the unplayed episodes and they’ll be three to four old shows from months back that should not be in the unplayed section since I’ve already listened to them.

The biggest frustration is when I want to move forward 30 seconds or backwards 10 seconds more than a few times in a podcast. It seems that the app gets stuck and nothing corrects this behavior until I shut the app down completely and re-launch it. Even if I scrub through the track position it still locks up after a couple of swipes. I often found this behavior in a similar app in the app store for iOS called Downcast.

In the app store the average rating is 4+, but is it deserving of such a high rating?

In the comments tell us your experiences in using this app or what other podcasting apps you prefer.

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