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Are You A Music Lover? Then There’s An App For That!

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Did you enjoy Fedora Outlier’s Top Ten Apps Of 2013 campaign? Well, if you did then you’ll be excited to know that a brand new weekly series is about to begin. “There’s An App For That” will include five apps from a particular category along with a short review and a few personal comments about the app. By providing the blindness community with this series, it is our hope that you, the consumer, will learn about apps that you might not know are available, recognize that some of the apps you use are quite popular with others and to provide a resource for all to use. So how about we get started with, “There’s An App For That!”

Music Is A Universal Language

Janis Joplin. Eric Church. Bon Jovi. These are just some of my favorite artists I love to listen to. For the older generation we use to have to purchase our music by actually going to a record store. Now, you can download and stream pretty much whatever you want either for free or through a subscription service. When it comes to music, I just love the 21st century, don’t you?

Located below you’ll find a few apps that I believe all music lovers should be aware of. These apps are in no particular order, they are just the ones I and others use.

Pandora: Radio

Pandora is free from the App Store. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers and Pandora will do the rest. It’s easy to create personalized stations that play only music you’ll love. Create up to 100 personalized radio stations with your free account.

Brie’s Comments

Pandora is quite accessible and easy to use. There are only one or two buttons that are not clearly labeled but otherwise then that it is possible to search and create any type of station you desire. You can also browse genres if you are not really sure what you want to listen to. The best thing is that it’s free. You do have to deal with the occasional advertisement. However, if you hate ads then you can purchase Pandora’s monthly subscription for $3.99.


Songza allows you to stream thousands of original playlists handmade by music experts. Let Songza’s ‘Music Concierge’ find the right music for your listening moments. Browse a curated playlist library organized by activity, genre, decade, & mood. When you search for an artist, you’ll see every expert-curated playlist on Songza that features them. Any playlist you choose will begin with a song by that artist. Save your favorite playlists & share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Brie’s Comments

Concierge please? Need some good sounding music to lift your spirits? Songza has it! Are you throwing a party and need some cool tunes? Songza is the place to get them. Just double tap on Songza’s Concierge’ and you’ll find what you are looking for. You can do a search for your favorite genre as well. This app is completely free but you will have to deal with some occasional advertising. If you just want the music then you can subscribe monthly to Club Songza for just $3.99.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio with sports, news, talk and music streaming from every continent. Enjoy 100,000 live radio stations and 2 million podcasts, concerts or shows on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Brie’s Comments

Radio sure isn’t what it use to be. Today it is possible to listen to thousands of stations from all over the world. TuneIn Radio is one of my favorite apps to use because not only can I listen to music but I can also choose to tune in to my favorite podcasts, news, weather or talk. TuneIn Radio is very accessible with all buttons and tabs clearly labeled. Just think the next time you are on a long road trip you won’t have to worry about losing the station you’re listening to when you have TuneIn Radio on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

MusicDropNPlay Lite For Dropbox

Do you have an iOS device? And do you want to stream Music directly to your handheld? And are you tired of syncing songs from your computer to your phone using iTunes? If the answer is yes, then MusicDropNPlay can simplify your life. Just drop your music to Dropbox and play it anywhere! (mp3/m4a)

Brie’s Comments

I recently just started using this app and I must say that it does make synching music to your iDevice a lot easier. This app is free. You will, however, need a Dropbox account and if you want to add more than eight songs to your playlist at one time then you will be prompted to purchase the complete version for $2.99.


Spotify is now available for free on your iPhone or iPad. You can listen to the right music, wherever you are. With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music? Choose a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized recommendations. The app is free and there are very few commercials.

Brie’s Comments

The last selection for this week’s music category is Spotify. This app can be a little tricky to use at first because there are a few VoiceOver elements that are not labeled but if you are willing to work around these issues then Spotify is a really good app because you don’t get those annoying commercials that tend to interrupt your listening pleasure.

If you don’t have any of the above mentioned apps, then I recommend that you try them out for yourself, especially if you love music like I do! Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s new category of apps and feel free to share them with all of your family and friends!

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