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Are You Working?

Posted in Delivering Access

Are you working?

If so…


What do you do?

Do you love it…


is it just a J.O.B?


Recently, I ran across 300 plus blind, employed individuals in one fell swoop…

Having a “fell swoop“ makes me sound like I’m a super hero or something…

Well i’m not a super hero, but I am SUPER interested to know if you are working and

what you do and why.

I’m going to take you on a journey with my next three guests on this months “Conversations“ Broadcast…

All I can give you right now are their initials

its A, B and A…

Almost like the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), but with a B.

And guess what?

You don’t have to wait long…

Join us THIS Thursday, October 24th @ 6:30PM ET / 5:30PM CT / 4:30 PM MT / 3:30PM PT

Watch live on:

And at the end of the show, we’ll have time for you to call in to our studio by dialing 678-846-6822 and ask your questions.

This is a BIG one, don’t miss out!

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