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August is going to be BIG for you music creators out there!

Posted in Delivering Access

HUGE! things are on the horizon!

We are excited to announce our topic for the August “Conversations” live broadcast…

“How to make money as an independent musician”.

Watch the August announcement here…

We’ll be discussing how to utilize, promote and market yourself using the bandstand or any stage you visualize yourself performing on.

And as an extra bonus, we have a very special guest who has successfully done it ALL joining us on the show live in the studio…
Mr. Eric “Ricky” Smith.

You don’t want to miss this – Mark your calendars!

Sunday, August 25th @ 7PM EST – streaming live on YouTube.

You’ll be able to call in live to speak to VaShaun and Ricky towards the end of the show!

More details coming soon.
Also coming next week – we’ll be taking a deep dive into the “finder” application on your Mac
In an effort to help you understand and use all of its features fully.

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