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Author: VaShaun Jones

The past is just that I'm blind my goal is to help others do more, be excellent and live with greater success.

The Scam In Spam

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Have you ever wondered how to tell when an email or text is a scam? 

We all know at least one person that has opened and responded to an unsafe email from a scammer pretending to be Microsoft, Bank of America or in this case, GeekSquad … 

and then ended up getting their computer hijacked. 

We don’t want that to happen to you! 

In this weeks video, Vashaun breaks down three red flags to look for when you receive a suspicious e-mail. 

Watch “The Scam in Spam” now so you know what to be wary of in the future.

F….ing Fabulous Candle Review (After 3 Days)

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Editors Note: This e-mail is apart of our “Debonair You” series. Click here to catch up with the entire series. 

I said I’d give a complete review of this candle after 1 week had passed…

But after lighting it up over the weekend, I just had to come back early and share my thoughts! 

It is as the name implies…

Simply Fabulous. 

Watch my review now. 

Don’t want to take my word for it? 

Check it out for yourself. 

Want to smell amazing at an even more amazing price?

Use my link at Scent Split and grab a few great scents and raise your compliment factor through the ROOF!

1st Impressions of Tom Ford’s “F*cking Fabulous” Candle

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Editors Note: This e-mail is apart of our “Debonair You” series. Click here to catch up with the entire series.

Yup, you heard that right and PLEASE excuse my language… 

I didn’t name the candle! 

Right out of the gate, Tom Ford makes a bolder than ever statement with the release of his highest selling candle to date.

In this video, i’ll show you the packaging and the candle itself. 

And then next week, I’ll let you know how well it performed! 

Watch my 1st impressions of colorfully named candle now.

Versace Eros Parfum: This Weeks #1 Best Smeller

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Yup, you heard it right.

Not just a great gift from my wife, but also a great smeller and the #1 best smeller of the week at that! 

Hear my review and get your nose on Versace Eros Parfum now and you can smell great too! 

Grab a flanker of this great scent and thousands of others over at Scent Split

and tell them VaShaun sent you by using my link. That way, we’ll both save money!

Editors Note: This post is apart of our “Debonair You” series. Click here to catch up with the entire series.

Introducing “The Debonair You” Series & Our New Affiliate Sponsor

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Looking good, smelling good and feeling good are what “Debonair You” is all about..

Its a mindset.

It’s a way of life.

You know that feeling you get when you have on a nice outfit?

Or that feeling when you leave the house and you KNOW you look good?

It’s how we’d all like to feel every day, but ESPECIALLY when going to a job interview or making a first impression.

Well our new sponsor, Scent Split, is going to help you add smelling good into that mix as well.

Jump into our new “Debonair You” series now

And let’s go on this journey together!

Grab a sample of your favorite fragrance or one you’ve always wanted to try using our link and we’ll both get rewarded!

When you use our affiliate link: It will never cost you more, often save you some and will definitely help out our channel!

“Gents & Guns”: Three ESSENTIAL Rules To Gun Safety For The Blind (+ More Things To Know)

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Our first video out the gate for this series is on gun safety…

and I have 3 rules when it comes to responsible gun ownership as a blind person (or anyone else for that matter): 

1. Get training!

2. Get more training!!

3. Get even more training than what you already have!!!

There is no such thing as being TOO prepared or TOO educated when it comes to safely handing a firearm. 

But what exactly does “training” mean? 

How does it differ for blind gun owners? 

Watch the very first installment of the Gents & Guns Series now to find out. 

And let us know what you think in the comments!

Introducing The “Gents & Guns” Series

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This may be a controversial opinion, but… 

being completely blind and owning firearms is awesome! 

I love how accessible they are and how powerful it can feel to shoot one. 

What about you?

What are your thoughts on guns? 
or even the second amendment in general?

Do you think blind people should even be able to purchase and own weapons? 

We’re going to go through all those questions and more in our new series… 

“Gents and Guns”

but don’t worry, it’s not just for men – everyone is invited! 

We’ll be exploring all the different types of guns, how they work and how they can be accessible and safe for blind individuals. 

We’ll even be interviewing a few non-sighted gun owners throughout the series. 

You won’t want to miss it… 

Watch the introduction to Gents & Guns now.

And weigh in with your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

We Got A Butler!

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You’re getting a tag team message today from both Vashaun & Kristi because we’ve got something really exciting to talk about. 

We got a butler! 

Well kinda… 

It’s called Mail Butler and we could not run Fedora Outlier LLC properly and efficiently without it. 

It allows us to have complete control over the hundreds of emails we send out and respond to per week 

and it helps us lessen the mistakes we can make while doing so (and if you’ve been with us long enough, you know we make the occasional oops!) 

From e-mail tracking to scheduling to follow up & attachment reminders to the ability to snooze an email until later… 

it does it all!

That last one is Kristi’s favorite feature, especially when Vashaun sends over his hopes and dreams for the day at 4am in the morning … 😉

To learn more about Mail Butler and to try it out for yourself …

Watch “We Got a Butler!” Now

And then sign up for your free trial here!

The Acceptance Of The Apology Needs To Be As Loud As The Outrage

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Previously, I mentioned some accessibility and accommodation issues that I had with United Airlines…

And instead of just being upset and doing nothing about it, I reached out to them in an effort to educate and advocate for travelers with a disabilities.

I am happy to say that they were very responsive, apologetic and committed to making a change.

To hear how the conversation went and how to best approach these types of situations…

Watch “The Acceptance Of The Apology Needs To Be As Loud As The Outrage” Now.

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