FAQ Friday on FB early as I celebrate my birthday, plus a tribute

FAQ Friday on FB early as I celebrate my birthday, plus a tribute

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Hey there: can you believe it? It’s another turn around the clock and I turn… 42.I’m excited to answer your questions today because i found them to be very interesting and i believe the’ll help allot of people.

Here’s some of the things friends of the firm asked…

Your Gift Will Make Room For You Goes Live On FAQ Facebook Friday

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Earlier this week we asked the question of our friends of the firm….

We wanted to know….

What is your gift?

We appreciate you responding to our request and sharing your gift with the world.

Don’t know your gift or how to find it?

This Friday’s FAQ FaceBook is me asking you a question

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First Name)

What’s your gift?

Click here to send an email with your response.
If you don’t know your gift you should watch this Friday’s video on “Your gift making room for you”

Everyone has one. Finding it may be easier now that I’ve found mine, so I can help you with yours.

FAQ Friday (California Edition) Just Went Live

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As the title states we are in California for the week.

It’s the perfect place to answer the below questions because the answer to all three of them are what lead me to be here in the first place.

and the questions are?

Crazy day so far and it’s just beginning

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At least I have your questions to keep me balanced.

Thanks for writing in. Here’s what we have this week.

Keep them coming…

This Friday’s FAQ Facebook live will answer the age old business question of LLC verses non-profit as a disabled person or anyone for that matter.

FAQ For Friday Feb. 23rd Answered

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Here’s what we had come in this week…

  1. How do I master the Mac?

  2. Tell us how you got into hats

  3. How do I work with a software developer to make their apps accessible?

Easy as 1,2,3…

Here’s the video

Questions, Questions And More Questions On This Fridays FAQ FaceBook Live

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Here’s the first answer to one of the questions asked…

Jermaine wanted to know when do I go live on Fridays?

Answer: I go live after coffee (lots of it) and when I feel the time is right.

Fedora Outlier presents: FAQ Friday on Facebook

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Sing along with me now…

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, It’s FAQ Friday!

All together now.

Can’t sing?

Me either…

What I can do is tell you everything I know thus far about the Apple HomePod, that’s what I’m best at.

It’s great!

A 1st Review Of Apples’ HomePod On This Weeks FAQ Friday

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Mike sent us a iMessage last Friday asking for a review of the new HomePod, so in Fedora fashion…

When you ask… we answer.

Coming up Feb. 16th is my thoughts on the HomePod, its accessibility and use cases that work for me and what may be great for you.

AirDrop Explained on FAQ Friday

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This weeks Frequently Asked Questions Friday From Fedora Outlier LLC for Feb. 9th, 2018 is about AirDrop, what it is and how to use it.

It comes in from Mr. Georgeo Vickers who happens to be from Georgia.

Like the video? Have questions about AirDrop? Got a good question, thought, or idea I can cover in next week’s video?