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Outliers With Roger Wiker

From age 17 he knew he was going to change the world.

Funny how he started in my home town in Virginia, left home at 17 years of age (just like me) and even started a successful practice like myself.
Our paths never crossed in Virginia that we know of, but years later we meet and today we get to change the world together.

At Fedora Outlier LLC we get to work with the best in the world and this gentleman is the best.

He is 70 plus years of age and you’d think he was 32.

Don’t take our word for it.

Check him out and leave us a comment telling us your thoughts.

Outliers with guest Jerry Johnson

It’s not often that a person gets to interview a living legend.

I’ve got to interview Mr. JJ of the Blind Boys of…

I’ll leave who he sings with as a surprise because it’s funny to hear him talk about his life on the road and how the other band members work with their blindness to put on a awesome show.

It’s simply the most funnest interview I’ve ever done.

OK, funnest is not a word. I may even have spelled it wrong, but hell… who’s counting?

Mr. Johnson is last, but not least on this season of the Outliers podcast on the Delivering Access Network.

Share this with the world and let’s change it together…

The question 11 years ago was

What’s one thing that WE can do, that has never been done before, that would changed the world?

WE all wrote back…

Make the iPhone accessible!

Thanks Apple for believing in us!

The next answer to that question is…

to make vocational rehabilitation accessible!!

Remember: You can’t make people with small minds think big!

Continue to follow us as we write the blueprint.

Outliers with Bill Boules

This guy here…

The things that we are talking about now…

Bill was talking about years ago.

I found out about him through Ricky Corey.

Ricky is Mr. Born Blind and Beautiful.

He’s going to be on the show later.

Back to Bill…

Really the world has changed, gatekeepers are no longer there and this guy proves it every day.

Check him out in full H D, fidelity, surround sound audio.

I just put those words together and hoped that they describe the vibe you’ll get from Bill.

If that’s not a accurate description of him. Leave us a comment and we’ll change it. .
For now dive into the interview and get empowered.

Outliers with Justin Romack

I’ve been wanting to interview this guy for years. He contacted Fedora through Linkedin about 5 years ago.

His work catapolted Fedora Outlier LLC to the next level.

He taught the team everything we needed to know about marketing.

Justin provided us a service years ago and because of his services…

We get to help thousands of people across the globe.

What you’ll witness in this interview is two guys that believe that they could change the world and by golly…

take a look at us now!

7 Irrefutable Things You Can Do Today To Make Over $77,000

In this master class VaShaun and Matt begin to scratch the surface and discuss all about how to generate an income of $77,000 or more in your first year in business.

We go over…

• Business Cards, both physical and virtual

• Mini Books

• Mini Series

• Full Series

• Master Minds

• plus paid Speaking and more…

Don’t know what any of this stuff means? Jump in, check it out and give us a shout if you have additional questions.

Outliers with Kisiah Timmons,MBA

When you look up beauty, brains and business mastery in the Webster’s dictionary you get…

Kisiah Timmons,MBA

My firm was presenting at CSUN and Ms. Timmons booked a block of time to go over her business thoughts and strategy behind her master mind projects.

It was over a couple of drinks at the bar, of course…

What we walked away with was a great respect for business and a moment in time that can never be replicated.

If you want to understand your businesses growth potential then you can reach out to her directly.

This was a connection made over LinkedIn and even though she’s right here in my home state of Georgia we have never spoken until now.

She leaves her contact info at the end of this inspiring interview.

Dive in and let’s have a drink or two…

Outliers with Blessing Offor

Musical genius, inspirational, take no shorts, revolutionary and insightful are just some of the thoughts that came to mind when I first heard this gentleman present at a conference i was attending.

I was there with some amazing friends and I told them all…

When we break I’m going to get this guys info and reach out.

Well because I’m a man of my word…

I did exactly that. I reached out and he reached back.

This is what we got so far…

A blessing offer from Mr. Blessing Offer himself.

Listen to the tunes he plays and pay close attention to the words he’s using as we create art together.

This interview was for the Culture.