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“Finder” Series (Part 1 of 4)

OK, we are back with another new series….

This time it’s on the Finder.
It’s not lost, so you don’t actually have to find it, per se, but you do
need to find things on your Mac

and the Finder application makes
it easy to do so.

Watch Finder Preferences (Part 1) now.

PS – The August “Conversations” live broadcast is coming up on

August 25th @ 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 5PM MST / 4PM PST

We’ll be discussing “How to make money as an independent musician”.

More info coming Friday!

August is going to be BIG for you music creators out there!

HUGE! things are on the horizon!

We are excited to announce our topic for the August “Conversations” live broadcast…

“How to make money as an independent musician”.

Watch the August announcement here…

We’ll be discussing how to utilize, promote and market yourself using the bandstand or any stage you visualize yourself performing on.

And as an extra bonus, we have a very special guest who has successfully done it ALL joining us on the show live in the studio…
Mr. Eric “Ricky” Smith.

You don’t want to miss this – Mark your calendars!

Sunday, August 25th @ 7PM EST – streaming live on YouTube.

You’ll be able to call in live to speak to VaShaun and Ricky towards the end of the show!

More details coming soon.
Also coming next week – we’ll be taking a deep dive into the “finder” application on your Mac
In an effort to help you understand and use all of its features fully.

Safari Part 4 of 4: Tying it all together

If you didn’t know how to navigate Safari on your device before…

implementing the best of what was taught in this series will have you navigating the app like a true master!

How do we know with certainty that this is true?

Because we’ve taught literally hundreds of clients over the last ten years these exact proven steps!

And now those clients have gone on to teach others and the circle of life continues! They get the results for both themselves and now their own clients.

Starting on part 4 will only confuse you though.
You want to go through the series step by step. Stopping on the parts you have questions about and getting
those questions resolved, and then
move on to the next part.
And before you know it, Safari mastery will be as easy as it should be!

Watch Safari Part 4 of 4: Tying it all together now.

Or if you’re just getting started,
Watch the ENTIRE Safari Series Playlist on our YouTube channel.

and stay tuned through the end for a special announcement…

PODCASTING 🎙: The “BEST” bluetooth mic

Question I Received:

“Hi Vashaun,

I have a quick question, what wireless microphone do you recommend me to record my podcast? I’d like to use it for the iPhone as well as my laptop computer via bluetooth. My price range is $80 to $130 or even a bit more if necessary. I really need good sound quality for my Skype interviews and youtube videos.


Watch (PODCASTING} The “BEST” bluetooth mic Now!

As Promised, Safari Part 3 of 4: VoiceOver

We’re back from Las Vegas with the continuation of the Safari series!

If you haven’t watched the previous videos, you can watch them on our YouTube page.
Each new segment builds upon the previous foundation, so watching In order will improve your overall understanding of Safari.

This week, we’re discussing VoiceOver.
To discover all the ins and outs and how they can help you fully utilize and streamline your browsing experience.

Watch now.

For Those Who Really Want It

One of the most popular questions I get is …

How can I make money?

My answer is the same for every person who asks:

You have to sell something!

Whether it’s selling yourself and your skills to a perspective client


Selling yourself to a potential employer


Selling something you have created with the world.

Either way, tomorrow’s free live presentation on …

“The 7 accessible, work from home profit Streams of income you can create for yourself”

Will prove to put more money in your pocket.

See you tomorrow, Tuesday July 2nd at 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 5PM MST / 4PM PST.

Safari Series: Part 2 of 4

If you missed part one…

go back and watch it now.

It’s important because it lays the foundation for everything else.

Setting up and understanding your Safari menus is an essential step to

navigating the web with ease and mastery.

In Part 2, we’ll go over every menu

and we’ll emphasize the most important items you should pay close attention to.

Watch “Safari Part 2 – What’s on the menu?” Now.