A Crazy Robot Lady & Fedora team up! Wait… what!?

Good morning, beautiful people!

We had so much great feedback on last weeks jam packed video that we’re bringing you another supersized one this Friday!


We’ll be covering the following questions and more:

• How to format a cell in Numbers on the Mac

• More life stories from our Fedora Family as we follow their journeys so far and discuss what their “Ah-Ha” moment was.

• What the heck is PFL, and how does it work? I will share with you how the answer to this question nearly took my creative thoughts to the next level!

• So you want to be an assistive technology coach/specialist/trainer/teacher/“whatever we are being called” these days?

• I want to make it in the radio business What should I do to get myself known and how do I start my own station?

Phew, that was a lot! I told you it will be jam packed! We are not pulling any punches, we want you to have ALL the information you need to succeed!


We’re starting a new project here at Fedora where we share with you a different accessibility focused channel each month.

This month we’re featuring a long time client of the Fedora Family.

Leslie is a totally blind user from SC who has been working in accessibility for 10+ years.

She is also a long time friend and previous roommate to our website and marketing guru, Kristi.

They attended the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind together in high school and have worked on many accessibility projects together through out their 20 year friendship.

Leslie currently runs an up and coming YouTube channel called “Crazy Robot Lady” where she delves into the a multitude of interesting robots and how she interacts and navigates them as a blind user.

We’d love you to check it out!

head over to her channel by June 26th and subscribe to receive a BONUS ENTRY into our $100 grand prize giveaway coming up later this month!


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We look forward to seeing you Friday!


Happy Friday, Fedora family! We’re back with another exciting FAQ Friday and we think you’re going to absolutely love this weeks topic!

We’re showing you how to make any app instantly accessible through your Apple devices + giving you a tease of me (VaShaun) laying down some sweet melodies on my saxophone! We also read aloud and discussed some of the summer plans you guys shared with us on Wednesday!

You don’t want to miss this one!

Click the link below to tune in:

When you’re done watching, comment below and let us know what you’re interesting in seeing Fedora feature next.

Have a great weekend!

5 Streams Of Income For Anyone

Want to level up your finances in 2018? Here are five ways to make as much money as you want by just putting in a bunch of effort. Notice I said a bunch! It’s not hard work, however it does REQUIRE work.

I’m going to break down the five income streams, how they work and how you can work them to generate more money…. Oh, and this works no matter your age, disability or race. How do I know this?

because i use these principles everyday! I GO TO WORK>>>

Notice the word “WORK” is in just about every sentence of this post?

Use work in these five ways together and you’ll have whatever you put your mind to…
Traditional Income

Passive Income

Creative Income

Affiliate Income

Contracting Income

plus a bonus income stream at the end of this video that most don’t think about when creating content…

NOTE: Your mute button may be pressed when attempting to watch the video. Press unmute and you’ll be good to go.

Getting to the finish line verses pretending

Ever met one of those people who would rather take a picture of themselves at the finish line as if they actually ran the race? They want INSTANT success when it’s just not possible for most. Yup, I get it…

There are some who make it on the first try and we call them outliers.

Most of us make it after seval attemps at doing something and then maybe we might see a glimmer of success.

In this video I’ll share my biggest failure with my mindset and how I overcame it, but most importantly I will show you how to over come it as well.

The video is below. Remember to unmute it if it doesn’t play imediately.

Here’s the quick link to the short video


The World Is NOW Accessible!

This week I’ve gotten allot of questions about our technology setup and how I do things. After explaining the ends and out most people asked if it was accessible or not. What I realized is that even when I told them that it was they never moved to try it out. This was even after i told them that the software had a free trial or that the vendor had a pretty great return policy.

Most of them just went back to doing the same thing they were doing before, yet expecting a different result.

A older gentleman once told me if I wanted what another man had i had to do what he did to get it. This remains true with just about everything we want and need in life.
People desire change, but they will not change to meet their needs.

Here’s the real reason why the world is now accessible and people will continue to use inaccessibility as an excuse. Think of the three ways we communicate globally and watch my video response… below


Outliers Special with the interviewer being interviewed

I usually turn down allot of interviews because of time spent interviewing you fine people around the world and running a couple of companies, being a husband, father, brother, cousin etc, however this interview opportunity was one I just could not pass up.

When I found out that Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School had interviewed one of my blind mentors and a guy that I had heard all over the internet that I really looked up to in the podcasting industry who is also blind I knew I had to show the world that podcasting is here to stay and making money doing it well is not a figment of ones imagination.

This interview is one of my finest and it let’s me know I’m on the right track when I tell blind and other disabled individuals that you can make a living doing what you love…

How do I know this?

because I do it every day.

My issue is that i love a bunch of things.

Here’s items from my short list.

• Blogging

• Technology

• Coaching

• Playing the sax

• Eating

and of course, podcasting.

I hope my interview with Chris inspires you to podcast or at least live your dream if you are not all ready. You know how to reach us excellence@fedoraoutlier.com and we hope you are doing marvelously well in the mean time.

Outlier’s Excerpt – Dan Miller On Government

As a guy who has generated millions in profit, wrote several books, created numerous products and has put on world class events and created a global network…

I thought it to be super important to bring forth the same question I asked John Lee Dumas in a earlier interview.

That question was how he felt about government assistance when it comes to being employed or self employed.

Here’s his comments…

If you missed the full interview you can catch up on it here.

Outlier’s Excerpt – JLD On Government

Maybe you heard him clearly the first time

Maybe you didn’t.

We cut this very important piece out of the interview and reposted it here.

My goal was to let the world know that you can create something, people will buy it and your life can be changed forever!

I asked JLD his thoughts on modern business and what he thought about the disabled working with the government when they don’t understand that the world has changed.

You can be a blogger, podcaster, self published author, Youtube star or just someone who is self employed.

The point is that the world has changed from the days our parents grew up in and here’s what JLD had to say…

If you missed the full interview you can get it here.

Outlier’s with Ron Klein (Part 2)

Ever purchased a house or know of someone that has?

If so they are more than likely using the MLS system for realtors invented by our guest who’s on for the second week in a row.

Mr. Ron Klein is an inventors inventor and he’s literally changed the world with his creations.

You would have thought he would have stopped with the invention of the credit card strip, the point of sale system, the MLS system just to name a few, but…

He didn’t stop there.

In fact he is in his 80’s and he says he is not empty yet.

To prove it he has invented something for the blind that is just as world changing and only cost $20 that everyone with a SMART phone can use.

It’s The Envision Eli app and labeling system created for the blind.

Listen to part 2 of Ron Klein’s interview and visit the Envision Eli website to learn more and to place your order.

Missed part 1? Listen first here.

Outlier’s with Ron Klein (Part 1)

Turn your credit or debit card over…

See the strip on the back of your card?

Well you may or may not be able to see it, but you understand how a credit/debit card works.

It has a strip that the card machine reads to communicate with the point of sale system and your bank.

This weeks guest is the inventor of that strip that changed the world and the way we conduct business worldwide.

He’s invented something super cool and just as exciting for us blind people.

I’m demonstrating it on part one of this two part interview and even though it was my first time using the application and recording it at the same time I can say it’s simply a can’t live without piece in my toolkit.

Here’s part one with Ron Klein.