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Author: VaShaun Jones

The past is just that I'm blind my goal is to help others do more, be excellent and live with greater success.


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Did he just make up a word? Yup but we didn’t make up the app that is the app of apps. We say this app is app-tastic because it has literally change the way I use iOS. Automating task on the Mac using Automator is a wonderful feature, but have you ever had the need to automate task on your iDevice? Follow along and we’ll introduce you to a app for that.

Am I Taming The Mountain Lion Or Is The Mountain Lion Taming Me?

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Here I am with a brand new kitty in my computer, Mountain Lion. I don’t believe it! A new operating system, less than a year after the last major update? Were they kidding, or what? The Lion and I had come a long way from those first few days, and were getting along just fine, thank you.

Remembering the Good Old Days

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Summer vacation has come and gone once again and school is back in session for my twelve year old daughter which means the start of homework and projects will soon begin. Every year my husband and I remind our daughter that she has the world at her finger tips when it comes to researching for a school project because of the internet. We remind her that when we were in school we didn’t have the Internet, and that she shouldn’t take such a powerful educational tool for granted.
We also like to remind her that there was such a time before the techno revolution and that you actually had to go on road trips with your parents for the summer without such things as iPods, portable DVD players, MP3 players or iPhones. She just sighs, rolls her eyes and goes to her room to use one of those wonderful fun gadgets mentioned above.

Take It To The Head

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Do you remember your good old college days? I especially remember our college drinking parties when my friends would say “take it to the head” if they wanted to get a good laugh. Yup those were the days. I will not share the full stories in this blog post, but I will show you in three easy steps how to take text you started typing on your iPhone and finish it by dictating the rest by taking your iPhone to the head.

Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Just A Device

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What is your biggest fear? Well, for me its getting lost, roller coasters that go upside down and spiders. However, the thing that I am most afraid of, which I know some of you will find quite silly, has to be technology. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a big baby when it comes to upgrading new software, changing over to a new computer operating system like Apple’s Mac computer or learning how to use one of Apple’s IOS devices such as the iPhone 4S or the iPod Touch.

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