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Back Is Not A Destination… Reinvent Yourself

Posted in Delivering Access

Are you of the mindset that things are going back to the way they were before the pandemic?

I can pretty much assure you that they are not…

But, I am absolutely certain that if you reinvent yourself right now,

you will…

be at the top level of life and pay

depending on what you invent yourself as.

Think about it…

You have been using Zoom forever as a blind person. Now, the world is using it everyday and they need A LOT of help.

What about podcasting?

Podcasting is the wave and not many people even know how to produce or edit shows, but you do.

Online? Where are you with online sites and services?

Accessible websites are becoming mandatory and they are paying thousands per month in order to make them compliant.

Right NOW is the time to reinvent yourself while the world is online and trying to figure out what you already know!

Working from home and being blind doesn’t even register on the companies radar.

They need feet in the seats!

Watch my video on three easy ways to boost your life and pockets now.

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