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Be All That You Can Be

Posted in Delivering Access

Recently, we received this lovely and inspiring message in response to one of our videos.

So, we thought it’d be great to share with you on this beautiful day before Thanksgiving.

Marcie wrote:

“Keep preaching the truth. There used to be an ad for the army that said, “Be all you can be.”

Of course, it included “in the army.”

I have been blind since birth and was told that I had to be twice as good to even be (sort of) equal.

But, when it came to vocational rehabilitation (as a client), I was supposed to take anything the placement specialist wanted me to take for a job.

I didn’t completely accept what he said, but I was underemployed for almost 22 years so I felt a bit helpless.

When I went back to get two masters degrees; one in vocational rehabilitation counseling and the other in vision rehabilitation therapy.

I came in with the attitude that I was not going to treat my clients the way I was treated.

I go with the premise that the cup is half full, not half empty and that even though a person can’t do something the same way they did it before a vision loss.

They still need to find a way to do the things they want to do, just maybe a different way.

Even if it’s truly not possible, like flying a plane with no vision, they can adapt.

Whether it be helping build the plane or repairing it or owning an air service…

So, keep on encouraging others who are blind/vision impaired to dare to dream and achieve their dreams.”

Watch below for my thoughts on what Marcie had to say:

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