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Bill McCann From Dancing Dots To Be Guest On AccessChat

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For Immediate Release: his spirit dances, and he makes others feel good. Dancing DotsFounder – Bill McCann
September 2, 2013 – Atlanta, Georgia

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, the innovative founder of Dancing Dots, Bill McCann will be the guest of Fedora Outlier’s very popular weekly #AccessChat. This weekly Twitter production takes place at 8:00 PM EST.

Bill McCann is the founder and president of Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, the company that has been helping blind and low vision musicians make music since 1992. His company created the world’s first commercial braille music translation software, GOODFEEL® and has pioneered in the area of creating what he calls “accessible scores”. Dancing Dots markets CakeTalking for SONAR, an access solution for creating professional-sounding, multi-track audio productions. Their Lime Lighter enables low vision performers to read and to write music in an accessible environment.

Despite his successful start in a corporate, computer programming job back in 1982,
McCann’s heart had always been with music. Playing the trumpet professionally–sometimes with his own small band, sometimes as a duet with his wife, Mary Ann, on the harp, he was increasingly obsessed with the notion of a computer program for braille music translation, a program that would allow musicians who are blind to create their own compositions or arrangements and actually produce hard-copy music scores that both blind and sighted musicians could read.

In 1991, McCann left his very comfortable job as a programmer with Sunoco, so that he could set his dream in motion. The next couple of years McCann held many part-time jobs and pursued every resource available to make Dancing Dots a reality.

At a family gathering, McCann would meet Albert Milani, an electrical engineer and programmer, who McCann soon realize was the missing link that he needed. The collaboration became a sweet melody and the rest is history.

After over 20 years of hard work, Dancing Dots now has customers throughout the United States, Canada, and 50 other countries.
As the company’s president, McCann has been interviewed by the BBC and the Associated Press, been on television in Italy, and made the front page of a newspaper in Venice. He has enjoyed building friendships with celebrity musicians who are blind and who use his product and has delighted in interacting with blind children at a number of camps and schools.

Bill McCann had a dream and the vision to make it come true. What’s your dream and do you have the perseverance to make it a reality?

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