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Blind as a Bat and He Thought he was “Cool”.

Posted in Delivering Access

For years, I would visualize a better looking and more functional cane that drew attention.

And once the attention was drawn, it would accentuate

the style of someone working to

change the world!

Meanwhile I was bumping into everything in my path trying to be cool and act as if I didn’t need a white cane…

I remember thinking when I went to buy a white cane that they were heavy, ugly and never matched any of my suits.

Well, except for the white one, the black one or the black and white pinstriped one.

Fast forward to October 2019 and I have my own cane, cane color and its exactly what I pictured in my head 10 years ago.

The best part of it all is that you too can have my cane. The difference is…

it will be YOUR cane.

I’m tired of typing so go watch the video and lets talk when you get back.

Watch “Blind as a bat, and he thought he was cool” now.

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