Blink Season 2 Episode 2 with Shelly Smith

Blink Season 2 Episode 2 with Shelly Smith

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It’s literally been almost a year since we’ve posted about a contestant on our television show titled Blink.

Usually Brie would write this post, but it gives me amazing joy to talk about Shelly Smith from South Carolina from my perspective.

Shelly is one amazing, passionate and loving person who knows karate and will smile and kick you in the knees at the same time.

I’m joking, but serious.

As a person that helps in her community, her friends and her family Shelly was a natural fit for the Fedora team.

She’s bubbly and is always there to assit.

I’d like to welcome Mrs. Smith to the FO team and in the comments you can too.

Listen to her brief welcome interview with Brie and stay tuned for season 3.

It’s titled Outliers and it’s on the Delivering Access Network.

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