I’ve told you what it is, how it works… Now here’s how to get it!

I’ve told you what it is, how it works… Now here’s how to get it!

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Denise writes in and says…

Dear Vashan,

{TGIW} Are you confusing skills, passion and purpose?

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Thank GOD it’s Wednesday! Right?

Hey how are those new skills working out for you? Are they moving you towards your goals?

Do you have goals? What about your passion?

Same questions…


Most people have skills, others have passion and skills but most people don’t know how they take all three things and bring them to life.

{EVENT REMINDER} iOS 10, Mac OS 10.12, Watch OS 3 & their new features live tonight

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  Apple Inc Apple Watch Delivering Access iOS Mac

Join myself, Matt and the rest of the Fedora gang tonight at 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST for…

a discussion of the latest updates to the Apple Watch OS, Mac OS and iOS releases on a live Access Chat.

Creating PDFs on iOS

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screen showing the workflow steps

I am a heavy user of the built-in print to Pdf feature on the Mac. I had to find a way to have the same functionality on iOS…And using the combination of the VoiceOver rotor and Workflow, I have my solution.

The opportunity in failure

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  Marketing VaShaun

Pic of myself and John speaking with a group in Pennsylvania

Pic of myself and John speaking to a group of TVI's

Four years later in Harrisburg PA. myself and John speak to a group of educators and blind service providers.

See above pics

Rewind to our humble beginnings and what you’ll discover is that our first presentation all those years ago as a firm was horrible, but the opportunity we got from that epic failure was priceless…

Our Founder and Visionary Gets Married

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  press releases VaShaun

Congratulations to VaShaun Jones, who was Married on April 16th, 2016. And guess what? He Streamed the event!
Check out the replay.


Lesson 0: Introduction to the Audio Performance Series

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  Apple Inc Mac Podcasts VaShaun

In this series you’ll find both Mike and myself having major fun as he teaches me and ultimately you how to master both Garage band and Logic Pro as a blind person.

Listen to the introduction…

Our lessons will always consist of three components per post…

Fedora In Kentucky

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  Apple Inc iOS Mac VaShaun

Todd E. Stephens, President of the NFB Kentucky Technology Assistance Division shares the success of the 2015 TAD Symposium, as well as upcoming plans for the 2016 event. Here is what Todd has to say…
We had another fabulous turn-out for the NFBK TAD Symposium that took place on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the Galt House in Louisville, KY. I want to take this time, once again, to express our gratitude to our awesome presenters: Barbara Penegor with Kentucky Talking Books; Danielle Burton (TAD Board member) presenting on the KNFB Reader app; Roseanne Hoffman and Larry Skutchan from American Printing House; Jim Fortman from Vision Aid Systems; Dave Wilkinson from Hims Inc.; VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas from Fedora Outlier, LLC; Jimmy Brown and Jerry Wheatley from Kentucky Assistive Technology Service (KATS) Network; MacArthur Darby, Chris Stewart, Danielle Burton, Cindy Sheets, and Jennifer Hall (Moderator), NFB-NEWSLINE Roundtable Panelists; and last, but not least, Tonia Boyd-Gatton, Extraordinaire Mistress of Ceremonies!
Where there is a will, there is a way!
VaShaun Jones and Damashe Thomas traveled from Atlanta Georgia on the Megabus, on their own dime arriving in Louisville about 8:30 p.m. on the eve of the TAD Symposium. On the morning of, VaShaun called me at 6:00 a.m. to ask me how he could help with the set-up. I was thoroughly impressed by this gesture of friendship, kindness and support. I’ll have you know that VaShaun and Damashe Thomas stole the show with their usual presentation of excellence on all things Apple. They presented, answered all questions and departed about 45 minutes after their presentation to catch Uber to get to their Megabus stop, which departed for Atlanta a little after 4:00 p.m. They arrived safely in Atlanta early Saturday morning. When I asked VaShaun to be a part of this symposium, he said, “you ask and I’m there.” Over the years, I’ve heard those words too many times to count, but VaShaun didn’t leave us hanging and he certainly backed it up!
VaShaun is the President of Fedora Outlier. His firm is the first nationally-recognized firm delivering consulting, teaching, and support in blindness-related assistive technology for Apple. To learn more about Fedora Outlier, VaShaun Jones, Damashe Thomas and the rest of the Fedora Outlier staff, you may find their website at Fedora Outlier
The Technology Assistance Division has gotten an early jump of exploring funding options for the 2016 TAD Symposium. We are excited about as well as hopeful that we can deliver an impactful symposium in 2016. The focus will be a bit different from those in prior years. Our content has been in training the trainer. The objectives in 2016, however, is to identify those training opportunities that are most in demand from NFBK members and others in the community that are affected by vision loss, so that we can offer break-out training sessions.

#AccessChat With Guest Scott Rumery

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  Delivering Access

Fedora Outlier, LLC
AccessChat – A Twitter Chat Committed To Access

Sample Module

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  Delivering Access

Screenshot of the Finder on the Mac

Key Results Areas

In this module you will discover our new way of displaying modules accross all platforms as well as how to create them and make them a standard across the board.