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Delivering Access Podcast: DropVox And The App Switcher

Posted in iOS

In this episode of The Delivering Access Podcast Scott talks about a very cool iOs app for making voice recordings. This app is called DropVox and it works seamlessly with your DropBox account.

With DropVox you can very easily use your iPhone or other iOs device to make a voice recording that will immediately be uploaded to a DropVox folder that is inside of your DropBox account.


Posted in Mac

Did he just make up a word? Yup but we didn’t make up the app that is the app of apps. We say this app is app-tastic because it has literally change the way I use iOS. Automating task on the Mac using Automator is a wonderful feature, but have you ever had the need to automate task on your iDevice? Follow along and we’ll introduce you to a app for that.

Am I Taming The Mountain Lion Or Is The Mountain Lion Taming Me?

Posted in Apple Inc, and Mac

Here I am with a brand new kitty in my computer, Mountain Lion. I don’t believe it! A new operating system, less than a year after the last major update? Were they kidding, or what? The Lion and I had come a long way from those first few days, and were getting along just fine, thank you.

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