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Teach Me to Color outside the Lines

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On October 4, 2012, my husband and I, along with the rest of our team from Fedora Outlier, LLC will be giving a presentation in Macon, Georgia at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. Our presentation is based on the outline of skills provided in the Expanded Core Curriculum for individuals that teach the blind and visually impaired. Inquisitive minds want to know, how can the Expanded Core Curriculum help my blind or visually impaired child?

Bionics – It’s Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

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When it comes to artificial sight or bionic retinas, the first thing that comes to mind is the popular seventies show the Six Million Dollar Man. Lee Majors played Colonel Steve Austin who was brought back to life by replacing the majority of his body with a new type of technology known as bionics. What I liked about his character was that he had a bionic left eye. Thirty plus years ago bionics was just a part of science fiction. Today, it might just be possible.

Technology, Is It For Everyone?

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Are you Techno Savvy? If I had to rate myself on a scale between the numbers one through ten then I would say that I am about a five. My husband on the other hand is definitely nine and a half. The 21st century has brought a great deal of accessible technology to the blind and visually impaired community. However, it is my opinion that there are some blind individuals who choose not to be “Techno Savvy.”

Wishes For A Better Apple App Store

Posted in Apple Inc, iOS, and Mac

Thoughts from Jan Blüher and   Maria Chapman with additions from VaShaun Jones

As much as I love the Apple App Store both on the Mac and iOS I still have some fears with purchasing new apps. These concerns are some that you share and some you may not. We can browse for content and apps easily, create alerts for developers and their apps, artist with the latest jams and more, but what we can’t do is find out before hand if an app is accessible to us or not.

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