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Breaking News: Fleksy Becomes First Alternative Keyboard For iOS!

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Have you been wondering if you would ever be able to use a different on-screen keyboard on your iOS device instead of Apple’s sometimes very frustrating default keyboard? If you said yes then today is the day that you have been waiting for.

As of today Thursday February 20, 2014 the developers of a very popular predictive text keyboard app for iOS and Android have announced that they have taken their software SDK (Software Developer Kit) out of beta and it is now available for any application on iOS to use.

This means that if an app developer would like to give their users a choice of keyboards for entering in information into their app then all that they will have to do is use this SDK to add the Fleksy keyboard to the app. Most of all this means that those of us who have been complaining about using the Apple on-screen keyboard for years can now choose which way we would like to interact with our apps.

There are now 2 separate versions of Fleksy in the Apple App Store so make sure that you are using the one that is designed to work with VoiceOver. The name of this app is Because Fleksy has become such a popular app with the sighted community as well the developer decided to make 2 versions of the app. One that is for the general public and the one that works well with VoiceOver.

When they did this there was a lot of talk in various blindness communities on the Internet because people thought that this was a 21st century form of segregating the blind from the sighted. Jonathon Mosen a popular figure in the blind ness community on the Internet had quite a bit to say on this subject and you can read all about it on his

Does this mean that Apple is coming around to the idea of letting its customers choose how they would like to use their iOS device? One can only hope that his is just the beginning for some of the changes that we can look forward to in the future.

If you would like to learn more about what the makers of Fleksy have to say on this news just head on over and read todays

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