“Spinning A Tale One Hat At A Time!”

She’s an original member of the Fedora Outlier team. A Junior Partner and Public Relations/Social Media Liaison who loves to tweet on Twitter and possesses a wicked sense of humor and
sarcasm which can usually be found spun throughout her eclectic ramblings.

She has conquered, to a point, her technophobia by learning and now teaching others how to use an iDevice such as the iPhone and iPad and she even co-authored a series of books on the matter.

She is married to the Senior Partner of the firm, has a soon-to-be 16 year old daughter, is blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa, owns a Fidelco guide dog named Jadyn and is also the co-host of a monthly podcast called We’re Still Talking. She is also proud to be a stage three cancer survivor, has a very vivid imagination which comes in handy for her passion of writing short stories and poetry and you can usually find her listening to music from the eighties, a good murder and mayhem book or playing a word game on her iPhone.

Who is this mystery lady? I am Brie Rumery and I am so happy that you have visited my page and hope that you will enjoy my humorous, a bit sarcastic and sometimes technical but never boring posts.

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