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Capcha Is Gotcha

Posted in Apple Inc

Enter the text you see in the box below. Need an audio challenge? What is the picture you see in the middle? The hologram displays a picture of what? Type your answer below. Man don’t they know I’m blind and neither of these solutions work for me?

This irritates me to no end when I’m trying to fill out an online application for a service or purchase something and after I’ve typed all the info and get ready to press send I’m faced with one of the questions above. I bang my fist on my desk in frustration every time because after years of going through this you would think someone has found a universally excepted solution for this problem.

I know, I know, I know it’s to keep the spammers at bay, but it also keeps honest people like me and you away because of the capcha that gotcha.

You would think that customer service would help in these instances and usually they do, however it is frustrating having to explain that I’m blind and the audio is a crappy MP3 file and doesn’t work. I usually am not a complainer and normally wouldn’t write about this but when I’m trying to give a vendor my money and I have to jump through hoops to do so then I’d rather spend the time looking for their competition who understands that capchas are bad and is a money looser.

Developers what are some solutions to this problem that will work for all? Leave us your comments below if you develop or if you like me just hate capchas.

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